News and version history

KVS means 10 years of non-stop development and improvement. Even though the product became popular and stable pretty fast, we never stopped perfecting it. Most our customers own top level sites.


5000 video web sites use KVS

the industry-leading CMS for video web sites.

Non-stop development since 2006 year.

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23 December, 2013

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KVS v3.4.0
23 December, 2013

Version 3.4.0: Plenty of improvements in site and ad management, even more ad-related player features, abstract posts for any site content, updated statistics, scheduled backups, and much more.

Version 3.3.3 is available for update
22 September, 2013

Version 3.3.3 is now available: important fixes for new 3.3.0 features, photo albums now support administrator flags, you can now configure additional time offsets for content publishing, more settings in content and model search are available, and a number of other fixes and improvements have been made.

Version 3.3.1 is available for update
06 August, 2013

3.3.1 update is available: player bugfixes, support for videos with non standard SAR, support for custom FTP ports, enhancements in content search and search stats, other enhancements.

KVS v3.3.0
04 July, 2013

Version 3.3.0: major player update, conversion engine improvements and optimization, visual protection against automated content submissions, better administration panel usability and tons of other improvements.

KVS v3.2.0
30 April, 2013

Version 3.2.0 is here: subscriptions to channels and users, DVDs / channels grouping, voting for comments, new plugin for calculating content stats, many enhancements in site blocks, and dozens of other improvements.

KVS v3.1.0
09 March, 2013

KVS 3.1.0 released: stop words, token-based access enhancements, feeds improvements, player JS API reworked, quick start manual update and more.

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