KVS v2.1.0

17 January, 2011

News plug-in was added, which draws news information from Kernel Video Sharing website 2 times a day and shows news on start page.
Storage of video screenshots sources was moved to the same folder where video sources are stored (and which should be closed from direct access), thus video screenshot sources will be protected from unauthorized access.
Additional logic was added to process timeline screenshots when ffmpeg for some reason cannot take a screenshot in the required point.
New plug-in of integration video search with external search engines. You can partially or fully switch video search at your website to use third-party search with displaying external results at your website. This allows you to sell search traffic from your website.
To optimize video search at the website, parameters were added to list_videos block that separately configure search by categories, tags, models, content sources and DVD.
Smartscripts feed parser was switched to work in reverse mode (start video processing from the end of the feed).
Few small corrections and bugs.
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