KVS Features

A great site starts with an idea. An idea you can make happen with KVS.

Web Content Manager

KVS is undoubtedly the best video content manager in the market.

By using KVS, your work with the content in the administration panel will be very convenient, and you’ll be able to easily solve any routine tasks. In addition to video content, KVS also supports photo and text content, and it can be used both separately and as a supplement to the video.

Bulk operations with the content enabling you to alter something or completely re-do at any time and at any stage of the project are a key aspect of a KVS content manager. You’ll always be able to add additional video file formats, screenshots, change their settings or completely re-create them for the entire set of the content.

This will give you 100% confidence in your project, as it won’t become obsolete – technologies are subject to change from time to time, and even years later, you’ll be able to take advantage of KVS and take your project to a new stage.

  • Multiformat video supporting different quality: 360p, 480p, 720p, etc.
  • You can create separate mini-preview formats for lists
  • Multiple groups of video formats for supporting different video types
  • Watermarks or ads in video files, including animation
  • Multiformat screenshots with different sizes and resize settings
  • Timeline video screenshots for the player
  • Flexible settings for restricting access and speed of access to video files
  • Multiple options for bulk content import, also export and bulk editing
  • Checking all content files, search for data errors
  • Limited access to the panel, flexible access permission settings, activity monitoring
  • Multilingual text data
  • Additional fields for data customization

Conversion Engine

Conversion engine is at the heart of KVS.

We have brought the engine to perfection for many years of work and constant improvements. Video conversion in KVS is a complex and comprehensive process that can be performed in different phases on different servers including making video files in various formats, source file preprocessing, creating screenshots and their formats, copying files to storage servers, etc. All these operations fully support logs, and you can easily find the cause of errors or performance bottlenecks.

KVS supports external conversion servers to process content at third-party hardware when the load on the main server increases, and significantly speed up processing speed by using multiple external servers.

  • External conversion servers and parallel processing
  • You can save video files “as is” to increase processing speed
  • Logging of the whole conversion process divided by phases and operations
  • Any content re-processing possible
  • Additional post-processing of any content at any time
  • Conversion by schedule, LA limit, and manual conversion control

Content Storage System

KVS is already equipped with everything you might require from the storage system.

You can store content locally, on remote servers; you can even create your own CDN by grouping several servers and balancing the load between them. You want to use CDN, but don’t want to overpay for peak loads? KVS has a solution by using an additional low-cost server for low-profile countries and saving on payment for CDN.

Decided to migrate to a new infrastructure? KVS will easily transfer all of your content in a few clicks. In addition to storing, the storage system also provides reliable content protection from unauthorized access and hotlink.

  • Any storage infrastructure
  • Unlimited data volume
  • Grouping servers for load balancing and cost reduction
  • Reliable content protection from hotlink and unauthorized access
  • Easy content flow control at any time
  • Support of any CDN services with FTP data transfer protocol
  • Constant server monitoring and error detection

Advertising Module

KVS will maximize your site's revenue.

Monetization is the main task of any online project. KVS is aware of this: its advertising options are at the highest level providing you with the maximum effect from placing ads. You can create any advertising spots in KVS using each spot to display different ads for mobile devices and desktops, different ads for visitors from different countries, different ads for content from different categories, thereby making advertising more targeted and increasing the rate of return.

KVS player is a comprehensive add-on to the advertising module - it supports integration with advertising spots; you can display ads with all its features upon different events in the player.

  • Unlimited advertising spots and their use throughout the website
  • Income maximization: different ads for different device types
  • Income maximization: different ads for different categories
  • Income maximization: different ads for different countries
  • Income maximization: different ads for different time of day
  • Scheduled advertising campaigns accurate to the minute
  • Close integration with the player

KVS Video Player

One of the world's best HTML5 player is integrated with other KVS features.

Unlike using some third-party HTML5 player, KVS has its proprietory HTML5 player built taking all KVS features into account and closely integrated into it.

Our player has a simple and user-friendly interface, supports custom CSS skins, custom HTML advertising upon any events, and custom pop-under. It can use VAST advertising from several providers.

All of the KVS player features are even hard to enumerate - more than 50 different options and settings for all occasions.

  • Fully featured HTML5 + CSS3 player where you can create customized skins
  • Displaying multiformat video with switchable quality
  • Any HTML ads upon any player events
  • Support for VAST feeds from multiple providers
  • Close integration with the KVS ad module
  • Close integration with KVS access restrictions
  • Your own branding: logo and text in the player controlbar
  • Support for related videos in the player
  • Support for timeline screenshots and named episodes
  • Protection against grabbers and DMCA bots: obfuscating links to video files
  • Anti-adblock solution

Content Import and Grabbers

Mass content importing becomes a piece of cake with KVS.

It is hard to imagine a modern tube website without a lot of content. That’s why we paid much attention to the content import and the grabber module in KVS. With grabbers in KVS, you can forget about the need to fill the website in principle: you can grab the content from other popular tubes using grabbers, both in download mode and in embed code mode.

In addition to the basic data, grabbers may get a lot of auxiliary information about videos, for example, categories, tags, rating, and views.

You can use grabbers both in manual mode to import the initial content base, and in autopilot mode for constant website updates.

  • Bulk multithreaded content import with a huge set of options
  • Grabbers of popular tube websites with an option to download or use embed codes
  • Multiformat downloading in grabbers - no conversion on your servers
  • Manual content import, or autopilot through grabbers
  • Importing entire lists of content through grabbers with pagination support
  • Writing your own grabbers and integrate them into KVS
  • Bulk video import through uploading files to FTP
  • Support for customized import feeds from any CSV format


KVS makes it easy to structure any content.

Any professional website requires categorization in order for users to navigate and find the content they are interested in. KVS has all the necessary features for qualitative categorization and for any data filtering by any criteria, including even the most complex combinations.

Models (actors) are part of the categorization module, and you can build a fully featured website section dedicated to them.

  • Static categorization using categories with the grouping option
  • Dynamic categorization using tags
  • Categorization by content source/origin
  • Models (actors) supporting biography data and additional fields
  • All categorization items support 2 types of photos with different sizes and options
  • Plugins for auto-categorization by content title and description
  • Content filtering by different categorization criteria and complex filter sets

Member Zone and Restrictions

Create nextgen advanced paysites with KVS.

KVS will help you organizing a full-fledged website with paid access and various possible implementation scenarios: purchase of time-limited access, paid access to individual content (VOD), combining paid and free access on one website and others.

By using limitation setting options, you can flexibly combine different access models to maximize monetization. In this case KVS absolutely protects your private content from unauthorized access. A community module for users to communicate with each other is a great add-on to the member zone.

So, you can create both a website with paid content, and a community sharing free content on the topic of your website communicating and participating in your project development.

  • Integration with major billing systems: CCBill, Segpay, Epoch, Paypal, and Yandex
  • Integration with NATS and MPA3 affiliate programs
  • Premium access with time restriction and rebills
  • Premium access to the selected content with/without time-limitation (VOD)
  • Trial access to a limited content amount
  • Free and guest access
  • Any combination of multiple access levels within a single project
  • Reliable content protection from unauthorized access in case of any storage system
  • Relative dates of the content publishing with a gradual visibility after the registration date
  • Different ads for different user types, an option to hide ads for premium users
  • Different speed limitations for different user types
  • Paid subscriptions to certain users or channels with rebilling option
  • You can act on behalf of models and communicate with fans

KVS Tokenomics

Full-featured token economy inside.

KVS is truly an amazing script combining many different concepts and approaches. Tokenomics is one of such features of KVS. This is a full-fledged economics within the script with the use of tokens that can be bought, earned, spent and paid.

Tokenomics in KVS is woven into many features: buying access, rewarding for activity, content advertising, sales of the content, profiles or channels – this list is constantly expanding with new versions.

You can use tokenomics in completely different scenarios, such as, for example, motivating users to leave comments on your content, or motivating users to share their content on your website in social media.

  • Purchasing tokens via billing systems
  • Purchasing content, subscriptions to users and channels, premium access for tokens
  • Gifts and likes via tokens
  • Earning tokens for website activity
  • Earning tokens for the sale of your content and subscriptions
  • Earning tokens for attracting visitors to your content
  • Payouts of earned tokens via Paypal or manual payouts
  • You can earn interest on tokenomics for project maintenance
  • Motivation of user activity through tokenomics

Website Engine and Performance

KVS brought thousands of unique and beautiful tubes to the world.

All the wonderful features described above may seem very significant, but the hit of KVS is undoubtedly the website construction and customization engine.

The engine is the most complex and, at the same time, the most powerful module in the script to create new website pages and display any content there directly from the admin panel. Block architecture of pages allows combining the content in a variety of incredible ways, creating projects with a unique design and page structure.

A two-tier caching system provides smooth engine functioning even at a very high visit rate. Thanks to customization options, KVS brought thousands of unique and beautiful tubes to the world, and we are rightfully proud of it.

  • You can create unique website pages with any content
  • More than 50 design construction blocks, more than 1,000 parameters
  • Close integration with the KVS ad module
  • High performance due to two-tier caching
  • Flexible caching settings for pages and individual blocks
  • Gathering performance statistics for all pages and blocks
  • Overload protection in automatic mode changes the engine functioning parameters
  • Website and content multi-language support, an interface for translators

Building Website Networks

Build your own tube empire with KVS.

Even if you already use other scripts for your projects, you can still use the unique KVS features to manage new content and insert it to other websites using embed codes.

You can create different embed code profiles in KVS for use on different websites, thus fully utilizing the KVS features to work with the content, its storage, the entire player and the advertising module functions right for your other projects, inserting video using embed codes from KVS.

If embed codes are not suitable for you, you can use satellites to build similar projects without physically duplicating the content.

Satellites are separate projects connected to the main database and using all its content, but may have a completely individual design and separate traffic statistics. Satellites are often used to improve SEO coverage by rewriting content titles and descriptions, and getting a unique set of captions.

  • Embed codes taken from KVS support all the engine features
  • Individual profiles of embed code settings for different domains
  • Manual content export and export feeds to other projects
  • Satellites to improve SEO coverage and create unique websites on shared data
  • You can give unique titles and descriptions to the content and categorize it


KVS is a paradise for a professional SEO specialist.

You can achieve top positions and high organic traffic rate due to a large number of cross-object links, support for custom fields, and flexible displaying of any information on any page.

This is proved by many KVS projects which are in the Alexa Top 1000.

We did our best to optimize all KVS themes for beginners as much as possible so that you could easily fill in the necessary data and have a full SEO coverage.

  • Correct use of 301 redirects and 404 errors
  • Google Sitemap with generation on the fly
  • You can specify SEO texts for any page
  • You can specify individual SEO texts for any categorization items
  • Displaying users' search queries
  • Some themes have 100% Google Performance Index for all devices
  • A plugin for text synonymizing

For Developers

Highly customizable frontend engine with little risk to fail.

KVS provides easy way to extend the project functionality without big risks to be out of the way of further evolution.

First, the website engine flexibility provides ways for front-end customization without any engine source code changes. Thus, no changes to the website theme will lead to problems with future updates. In fact, it is very important because updates and new versions is a significant part of KVS!

Secondly, you can create your own website blocks and use them instead of the standard ones if you want to introduce amendments to the actual website functioning logic.

  • You can get 100% open PHP source code
  • 95% customization requirements falls on the standard engine features
  • You can expand functionality by using of Smarty modifiers
  • You can expand functionality by creating custom blocks

Reliability and Fault-Tolerance.

KVS is an exceptionally reliable and fault-tolerant script.

The built-in audit plugin may verify availability of any project aspect at any time.

With the countless number of logs, we can promptly sort out almost any problem occurred. Automatic systems for analyzing various problems will let you know about their occurrence, even if you do not notice any visible problems.

This will maintain the integrity and efficiency of your project and reduce risks.

  • Full logging of all background processes and conversion
  • Optional logging to identify problems on the fly
  • Audit plugin with countless verifications
  • Checking availability of each content file in any storage system
  • Checking integrity of the script installation
  • Automatic verification of critical project aspects
  • Content action log
  • Version control for website template changes

Long-Term and Successful Story

KVS means 15 years of non-stop development and improvement.

The first KVS version was released in early 2009, and thereafter we released more than 50 (!!!) versions, most of which were not small versions with bug fixes, but full-fledged updates with tons of new features or significant improvements in the old ones.

A description of changes in all updates takes 29 pages of A4 format. You can find this information on our website and see for yourself! This shows our care for our product and a great desire to make it perfect.

Many of our customers started their business with us - at the turn of 2009-2010 and witnessed the KVS evolution - many of their projects have been updated to the latest versions and continue to please their visitors and owners.

Our developers had to make their best efforts to ensure smooth updates of the old projects to the new KVS versions. By choosing KVS, you can be assured of the future of your projects and their further successful development.

  • A history of development and updates of more than 15 years
  • More than 50 updates, more than 1,000 improvements for all time
  • Maintaining update option for all projects
  • A confident look into the future
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