Notizie e storia delle versioni di KVS

Nell'arco di 14 anni non ci siamo mai sentiti arrivati e abbiamo sempre cercato di perfezionare il prodotto già riconosciuto e sicuro.


12.000 siti di video usano KVS

leader nel campo di siti di video.

Elaborazione continua dal 2007.


KVS 6.1.0

05 June, 2023

KVS 6.1.0 is available in beta mode: Admin panel usability improvements based on your feedback, S3 storage support, video watermark hardening, random usernames generation, better admin security, search SEO features, email notifications for admins!

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Happy New Year!

30 December, 2022

Happy New Year from KVS team

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KVS v6.0.1 update is available for download

21 November, 2022

KVS 6.0.1 update: Beta testing bugfixes plus several new features: more token features in internal messages, more filters for videos and albums, highlighting of mentioned videos in feedbacks for easier DMCA handling.

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KVS 6.0.0

13 September, 2022

KVS 6.0.0 is available in beta mode: End of support for KVS 4.x, new admin panel GUI, player advertising enhancements, support for and other enhancements.

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KVS v5.5.1 update is available for download

18 February, 2022

KVS 5.5.1 update: Maintenance release to fix recent security vulnerability, but also contains a dozen of enhancements that we were able to push through. Meanwhile we are slightly moving forward with the new admin panel GUI.

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KVS now has a plugin for Wordpress

31 January, 2022

KVS now has a plugin for Wordpress, which provides easy way to automate your Wordpress sites with videos from KVS.

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Happy New Year!

27 December, 2021

New year promo, congratulation words from KVS team and brief summary on our future plans. Happy New Year!

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Black Friday

25 November, 2021

Get Black Friday discount with BF2021 promo code valid until November 29th! Coupon works on everything, including packaged prices, services and subscriptions.

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KVS v5.5.0 update is available for download

10 September, 2021

KVS 5.5.0 update: beta testing phase is over, you can download update in customer zone on KVS website. 5.5.0 update has some specifics, please check them on our forum before updating your projects. For those who updated in beta mode there are several bugfixes available in the final update version, please consider repeating update procedure if these issues affect you.

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KVS 5.5.0

30 July, 2021

KVS 5.5.0 is available in beta mode: "Nextgen" KVS architecture started, integration with, enhancements in player advertising, some usability enhancements in admin panel and more.

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KVS v5.4.0 update is available for download

09 April, 2021

KVS 5.4.0 update: beta testing phase is over, you can download update in customer zone on KVS website. There is a known issue with displaying flags in massedit GUI. Please refer to forum post on how to solve that.

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KVS 5.4.0

04 March, 2021

KVS 5.4.0 is available in beta mode: new way of running background processes, integration with, better content import and grabbers, some enhancements in limiting video duration, new way of managing conversion task priorities and much more.

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KVS v5.3.0 update is available for download

04 January, 2021

KVS 5.3.0 update: beta testing phase is over, you can download update in customer zone on KVS website.

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Happy New Year!

31 December, 2020

Happy New Year from KVS team!

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New Year Promo

22 December, 2020

Get 20% off for all new licenses, including source code, migration and branding free options during winter festive period with NY2021 promo code! Wishing you happy Christmas and New Year holidays!

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KVS 5.3.0

30 November, 2020

KVS 5.3.0 is available in beta mode: attaching pre-rolls / post-rolls into video files, bulk-update via import GUI, admin toolbar in site area, better admin panel notifications, granulated editing permissions for albums, corrected cookie settings, ability for members to automatically delete their profiles and other enhancements.

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KVS v5.2.0 update is available for download

05 August, 2020

KVS 5.2.0 update: beta testing phase is over, you can download update in customer zone on KVS website.

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KVS 5.2.0

26 June, 2020

KVS 5.2.0 is available in beta mode: better conversion engine, better video watermarks, screenshot cropping enhanced, better support for vertical screenshots, more features in importing and exporting feeds, anti-spam module, major improvements in VAST monetization, chunked file uploads, AWE Black Label integration, Single Sign-On feature and many other improvements.

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Happy New Year 2020!

30 December, 2019

Dear Friends, thank you for yet another year with us! Please use NY2020 promo code to get 20% discount on new licenses, including source code and branding free options.

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KVS 5.1.1

22 October, 2019

KVS 5.1.1 is available for download: player enhancements, admin panel performance improvements, ability to filter by quality in grabbers, support for NATS User Management and dozen of other enhancements in various areas

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KVS 5.1.0

02 August, 2019

KVS 5.1.0 is available in beta mode: WebP support in video screenshots, player VAST and VPAID enhancements, new player stats, free VAST from, animated GIFs in video formats, CTR rotator enhancements and performance improvements, and other.

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Huge and longly awaited player update

08 July, 2019

We are happy to announce major update for KVS player with full support for VAST 3.0 and VPAID 2.0 and with big set of enhancements in pre-roll display. You can update player right now without waiting for the full KVS update. Please find more details on KVS forum.

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KVS v5.0.1 update is available for download

07 June, 2019

KVS 5.0.1 update: beta testing phase is over, you can download update in customer zone on KVS website. Please note that this update has some installation specifics and it is highly recommended to check instructions on forum before updating your projects (forum link is inside).

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KVS 5.0.1

23 April, 2019

KVS 5.0.1 is available in beta mode: now you can update your 4.x and 3.x projects to 5.0 and migrate to PHP 7. Check details for specific requirements and limitations regarding KVS 5 and PHP 7. Visit KVS forum for detailed info about 5.0.1 update.

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KVS 5.0.0

25 March, 2019

KVS 5.0.0 is available for new installations: PHP7 support, inactive categorization, new billings API, GIF support in photo albums, adblock protection in advertising, search queries performance optimization, admin panel usability improvements and dozen of other enhacements! There is also player hotfix for 4.0.3 and 4.0.4 to resolve VAST issue in UC Browser.

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New Year Promo and Happy 2019!

30 December, 2018

Dear All, we are happy to congratulate you with the upcoming NY 2019 and wish you all the best in the New Year!

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Default theme redesign available

20 November, 2018

Excellent news! We are happy to announce FREE redesign of KVS default theme that can be used by everyone.

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KVS v4.0.4 update is available for download

22 October, 2018

KVS 4.0.4 update: beta testing phase is over, you can download update in customer zone on KVS website. In 4.0.4 we additionally fixed critical player bug on Android 9 devices and also added several small enhancements.

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KVS 4.0.3

06 September, 2018

KVS 4.0.3 is available in beta mode. Huge set of player advertising and VAST enhancements, support for advertisement push notifications, enhancements in grabbers and some more.

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KVS v4.0.2 update is available for download

21 June, 2018

KVS 4.0.2 update: beta testing phase is over, you can download update in customer zone on KVS website.

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KVS 4.0.2

18 May, 2018

KVS 4.0.2 is available in beta mode. VAST advertising bugfixes, Google ReCAPTCHA integration, GDPR compliance enhancements; and several dozen of small enhancements and bugfixes.

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New Basic KVS theme

25 April, 2018

New KVS theme available for basic tube sites and CJ tubes.

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KVS v4.0.1 update is available for download

05 April, 2018

KVS 4.0.1 update: beta testing phase is over, you can download update in customer zone on KVS website.

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KVS 4.0.1

18 February, 2018

KVS 4.0.1 is available in beta mode. New branch and new development cycle. Many improvements in advertising module, conversion engine, player, grabbers and other areas.

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New Year Promo and Happy 2018!

29 December, 2017

New Year Promo and Happy 2018!

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New KVS theme

13 November, 2017

New KVS theme available for basic tube sites and CJ tubes. Supports 4 skins and 10 languages. Supports modern AJAX pagination and sorting in lists, which can be switched off optionally. Fully adopted for good SEO coverage.

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New KVS theme

28 August, 2017

Simple lightweight theme for basic tube sites and CJ tubes. Supports 4 skins and 10 languages. Supports modern AJAX pagination and sorting in lists, which can be switched off optionally. Fully adopted for good SEO coverage.

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New KVS theme

04 July, 2017

Unique paysite theme highly adopted for good conversion and rebills ratio.

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KVS v3.9.1 update is available for download

31 May, 2017

KVS 3.9.1 update: beta testing phase is over, you can download update in customer zone on KVS website. You can find more info about update procedure on KVS forum (see full news for the link).

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KVS v3.9.1

09 May, 2017

Version 3.9.1: Huge set of fixes and improvements for the new HTML5 player, improved player stability and video serving, many improvements in tube grabbers, support for access codes, enhancements in content access restrictions, paying tokens for traffic on the uploaded content: more than 50 total improvements!

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New KVS theme

06 April, 2017

We are glad to announce that one of the bunch of planned KVS themes is finally available: Tablet Theme. The new theme has modern design, provides easy-to-use site navigation for all platforms, features modern AJAX behavior, 100% google performance index for all devices, fully adaptive.

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KVS New Year special!

20 December, 2016

We would like to thank you for your trust and support and wish you an excellent upcoming 2017! 25% coupon for all new KVS licenses valid till January 12.

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KVS v3.9.0

25 November, 2016

Version 3.9.0: Finally! The much-awaited brand new HTML5 player is here, with the features you already know, and then some. Anti-hotlink protection is now much more robust, video file link encryption, HD flag support for videos, separate rotation in categories and tags, a few major things optimised, plus tons of other new improvements in a new version of KVS!

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KVS v3.8.5

05 August, 2016

Version 3.8.5: Feature-rich content grabbers with autopilot support, multi-threaded import, PayPal support, token gifts and more.

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KVS v3.8.4

17 May, 2016

Version 3.8.4: Token payouts, localization features in the admin panel, theme configuration page, anti-spam features, more traffic saving features, 8 new theme languages, and dozens of other improvements in the new version of KVS!

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New Year special from Kernel Video Sharing!

23 December, 2015

New Year special from Kernel Video Sharing and brand new 3.8.2 version! We would like to thank you with great NY presents for your trust and support!

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KVS v3.8.1

13 August, 2015

Version 3.8.1: New token-based features on your site, customizable tags, improved messaging, yet another batch of conversion engine tweaks, better admin panel usability and dozens of other fixes in yet another KVS version!

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Order hosting and KVS Ultimate For Free!

03 June, 2015

KVS has teamed up with King Servers hosting for a very special offer: order any dedicated server and get a FREE KVS Ultimate installation + brand new Ultimate theme (for 1 domain)!

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Responsive layout for the new theme

19 May, 2015

The new theme is now supporting responsive layout! We've also fixed several functionality issues in the theme.

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KVS v3.8.0

01 May, 2015

Version 3.8.0: A lot more categorization options, series now supported, satellite content filtration improvements, different screenshot and photo cropping profiles for different image sources, import and import feeds improvements, users can now set content price and make money, optimizations and dozens of other fixes.

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KVS v3.7.0

22 January, 2015

Version 3.7.0: The new theme was finalized; playlists now have a lot more features; comments to posts; improvements in screenshot processing; better category avatar generation; full export feed localization.

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Happy 2015!

30 December, 2014

Dear friends, happy 2015! Sending you our warmest wishes. Let this coming year be full of joy and happiness for you. Expect new KVS versions and a brand new theme from us. We will also do our best to implement all the planned improvements and new features as well as a few very special updates. Thanks for choosing KVS, we'd love to keep working for you in 2015.

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New Year special from Kernel Video Sharing!

24 December, 2014

New Year special from Kernel Video Sharing (expires Jan 29, 2015)! Free content migration from other scripts! 50% discount when you buy a new theme. 50% discount when you order source PHP code.

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KVS v3.6.0

22 September, 2014

Version 3.6.0: HTTPS support, video and album list blocks perform much better, important language satellite improvements.

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Version 3.5.2 is available for update

02 September, 2014

Version 3.5.2 is now available: important language satellite and directory fixes, custom max watermark width in %, checking for duplicate embed codes when importing, and a few improvements in site blocks.

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Version 3.5.1 is available for update

23 July, 2014

Version 3.5.1 is now available: calculating user activity and ranking, filtering categories, models, and other categorization items by minimal content, a few minor improvements and fixes compared to 3.5.0.

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KVS v3.5.0

17 June, 2014

Version 3.5.0: several crucial architecture-related faults with iframe codes and directory localization were eliminated. The way asynchronous requests are processed in all site blocks was reworked; player ad features were improved; users can now subscribe to models and sponsors. Plenty of minor improvements in site blocks.

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Version 3.4.2 is available for update

18 March, 2014

Version 3.4.2 is now available: this version features an optimized conversion engine, a range of player and player settings tweaks, as well as tens of fixes and improvements in administration panel and site blocks.

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Version 3.4.1 is available for update

06 February, 2014

Version 3.4.1 is now available: 3.4.1 features a number of fixes for 3.4.0 issues, as well as faster file copying by the conversion engine, support for vertical videos, and a few site improvements.

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Happy 2014!

31 December, 2013

Kernel Video Sharing team wishes you happy New Year! Wishing all your dreams come true in the new year, and lots of new ideas! Thank you for choosing KVS for your projects, for all your thoughts and ideas that help us make KVS better!

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New Year Promo! (expires Jan 20, 2014)

23 December, 2013

Order KVS ULTIMATE before Jan 20, 2014, and get source PHP code and data migration from other engines for free!

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KVS v3.4.0

23 December, 2013

Version 3.4.0: Plenty of improvements in site and ad management, even more ad-related player features, abstract posts for any site content, updated statistics, scheduled backups, and much more.

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Version 3.3.3 is available for update

22 September, 2013

Version 3.3.3 is now available: important fixes for new 3.3.0 features, photo albums now support administrator flags, you can now configure additional time offsets for content publishing, more settings in content and model search are available, and a number of other fixes and improvements have been made.

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Version 3.3.1 is available for update

06 August, 2013

3.3.1 update is available: player bugfixes, support for videos with non standard SAR, support for custom FTP ports, enhancements in content search and search stats, other enhancements.

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KVS v3.3.0

04 July, 2013

Version 3.3.0: major player update, conversion engine improvements and optimization, visual protection against automated content submissions, better administration panel usability and tons of other improvements.

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KVS v3.2.0

30 April, 2013

Version 3.2.0 is here: subscriptions to channels and users, DVDs / channels grouping, voting for comments, new plugin for calculating content stats, many enhancements in site blocks, and dozens of other improvements.

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KVS v3.1.0

09 March, 2013

KVS 3.1.0 released: stop words, token-based access enhancements, feeds improvements, player JS API reworked, quick start manual update and more.

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11 January, 2013

KVS 3 - the next level of our software evolution! Many conceptual changes, which make KVS even more functional, easy-to-use and robust. Don't miss!

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Happy New Year 2013!

31 December, 2012

We at Kernel Video Sharing team wish you happy New Year 2013! Wishing you a successful year in business and life, lots of new high-profitable projects. Stay optimistic and be happy!

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KVS v2.4.4

15 June, 2012

The new plugin to upload content via FTP, performance optimization on different levels, support for text messsages in videos / albums flagging and a dozen of small enhancements in various spheres.

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KVS v2.4.3

02 April, 2012

The new version has integration with NATS and UCDN, enhancements to the admin panel permission system, and a set of other small changes.

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KVS v2.4.2

12 March, 2012

KVS security concept changed, audit plugin was extended with security criteria check, audit plugin documentation added.

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KVS v2.4.1

12 February, 2012

With small New Year delays we are glad to release the next KVS version! New features in albums - multiple categories, flags support and other, importing feeds switched to parallel processing, mixed videos / albums blocks and much more in 2.4.1.

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Happy New Year!

31 December, 2011

Dear friends! We hope the New Year will bring you the realization of all your dreams and projects.

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KVS v2.4.0

10 December, 2011

The brand new version with highly demanded new features and enhancements is done. More than 22 changes! Check them out now!

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KVS v2.3.2

25 September, 2011

Added new admin panel plugins, added ability to import RSS feeds, integrated payment processor, refactored the concept of own embed codes - find these new features and much more in the newest KVS release!

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KVS v2.3.1

18 August, 2011

Migrated to ffmpeg 0.8, new video formats features such as limiting speed and conditionally-optional formats, some enhancements in photo albums and more!

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KVS v2.3.0

01 July, 2011

Huge enhancements in photo albums, added ability to connect albums to videos, added ability to restart any background tasks, added ability for bulk screenshots / albums formats re-creation, some small changes in rotator. Added a unique feature to debug website pages and much more!

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KVS v2.2.2

10 May, 2011

Big changes in rotator.

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KVS v2.2.1

22 April, 2011

New options in website list blocks, new billings added. Enhancements for videos export, importing and exporting feeds, audit plugin, massedit.

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KVS v2.2.0

24 March, 2011

Added video and video screenshots rotator! New options in building tube networks with KVS. And many other enhancements.

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KVS v2.1.1

05 February, 2011

Enhancements in importing feeds, conversion servers, audit plugin. New website block.

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KVS v2.1.0

17 January, 2011

Added several plugins: news and external search. New player version. Changes in video screenshots architecture. Website search optimization and more.

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KVS v2.0.6

30 December, 2010

Photo albums migrated to the new engine, many new features were added to them. Also some enhancements in video import, conversion logging, screenshots and more.

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KVS v2.0.5

08 December, 2010

Exporting feeds added, enhancements in video formats, player settings and more.

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KVS v2.0.4

15 November, 2010

Added epoch billing support, importing feeds, ability to create category avatars from videos and more.

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KVS v2.0.3

31 October, 2010

Enhancements in multiserver support, massedit, videos import, added ccbill and flagging.

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KVS v2.0.2

11 October, 2010

Some enhancements in default templates, enhancements for users and stats.

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KVS v2.0.1

26 September, 2010

Some changes in conversion engine

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KVS v2.0.0 - brand new architecture gives brand new opportunities

17 September, 2010

The brand new version which was started more than a year ago is finally released! We completely changed software architecture, which brought KVS to the next unbelievable level.

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KVS 1.5.0 - the brand new version (more than 45 new features!)

13 January, 2010

Having spent months buried in hard and consuming work, we are now happy to introduce yet another KVS update!

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KVS 1.4.2 updade

02 September, 2009

Contains few new important features.

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KVS 1.4.1 updade

18 July, 2009

KVS 1.4.1 update contains some important fixes in conversion engine.

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KVS v1.4 is released

01 July, 2009

The awaited KVS 1.4 contains huge amount of big and small fixes and new features! We did our best to count as much as possible feedback from our customers.

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KVS v1.3 - new features

24 April, 2009

The new 1.3 version has populated all fixes and features from 1.1 and 1.2, which were not announced as news.

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Software packages

03 March, 2009

After feedback from our potential and existing customers we found that full community features are not required for everybody, but people only need some part of community functionality. Based on that we divided KVS into several packages with different prices, so that give you flexibility to choose the package with meets your requirements.

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The new professional tube-software has been released

01 February, 2009

Many of you have spent months waiting for truly feature-packed, reliable, easy-to-use and fast-working backend software to power your tube sites with. The moment has come. Having spent over a year building the product and testing it, Kernel Team is happy to officially release Kernel Video Sharing.

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