Kernel Video Sharing

Un CMS professionale per creare e gestire dei progetti media.

Per un progetto di successo basta avere un'idea.

Per realizzarla basta avere KVS.

Special Order

Funzioni per progetti di qualsiasi livello.

Costruttore di sitiunico e molto flessibile
Create delle nuove pagine o modificate le pagine già esistenti senza aiuto dei programmatori. L'impaginazione con l'utilizzo del costruttore non richiede modifiche nel codice PHP; basta possedere delle abilità di base di HTML e Smarty.
Il video lettore con il sopporto di HTML5 e qualsiasi pubblicità
Guadagnate sul vostro sito e aggiustatelo per specifiche campagne pubblicitarie. Il lettore è stato elaborato apposta per i progetti di video e risponde a tutte le esigenze del mercato.
Modelli adattivi
ottimizzati per SEO
Permettete ai vostri visitatori di visualizzare il vostro sito su qualsiasi dispositivo - sarà altrettanto comodo sul computer, PC, tablet o smartphone.
Ottimizzato per i carichi
intero codice PHP disponibile
Non dovete utilizzare dei server costosi - il sistema sostiene un traffico enorme. La protezione contro il carico eccessivo permette di identificare i punti di debolezza e ottimizzarli prima che ne sorga qualsiasi problema.
Sopporto clienti
al livello degli sviluppatori
L'assistenza viene fornita non dagli operatori esterni ma dagli sviluppatori stessi che hanno il loro prodotto sulla punta delle dita. Ogni problema viene risolto subito, senza numerosi passaggi tra il servizio di assistenza e l'ufficio tecnico.
Regolari aggiornamenti
e miglioramenti del soft
Nell'arco di 10 anni non ci siamo mai sentiti arrivati e abbiamo sempre cercato di perfezionare il prodotto già riconosciuto e sicuro.
Diverse opzioni di monetizzazione
Monetizzate il vostro sito usando un potente sistema di billing. KVS sopporta tutti i billing diffusi: ccbill, epoch, segpay, nats, zombaio, vendo, smscoin, smsdoctup, xbill ecc.
Numerosi server per la conservazione e conversione
Il tempo è denaro: caricate e elaborate grandi volumi di contenuto entro un breve periodo di tempo. KVS permette il funzionamento simultaneo dei server di conversione, il che garantisce un'impressionante velocità del trattamento.
Disponibilità di numerose lingue del sito e del contenuto
Create alcune versioni del sito in diverse lingue per ottenere più traffico. Gestite le versioni del sito tramite l'area riservata dell'amministratore con comode funzioni per effettuare traduzioni e con un sistema di controllo del lavoro di traduttori.

Cosa dicono di noi i nostri clienti

We have been using KVS now for some time and we haven't looked back since. Our experience has been nothing but great since day one. KVS meets all the modern requirements in today's dynamic market. It will suit any business models as new versions are released frequently with new features added all the time. On top of this, the script is amazingly flexible and lets you reconfigure it as...

We have been using this script for a few years now. We’re so happy we’re gradually moving our major sites to it. KVS offers a great combo of features, content processing and site administration options, and a very easy to use template engine. Add the highly professional support team and you get one of the leading products on the market today. Our recommendations!

We use KVS on several successful sites with more than 1 million pageviews per day and it has always been a stable and efficient script. It can handle big sites with ease. Their support staff is fast and exceptionally helpful and it's one of the many reasons why we keep turning back to KVS for our new sites. I give it my highest recommendation for building your tube site.

We have been testing this script and using it for a few years now. I believe no script can be a competition to KVS in today’s market. An impressive balance between ease of use, customization options, and a promising set of powerful features.

We have been using this product to build and run some of our sites. It offers incredible ease of use when managing and configuring a site, the server load is minimal and pages load really fast. We appreciate all the help KVS Team offered when we were setting up and customizing Kernel Video Sharing for these sites. We wish them nothing but success in taking their product further.

I really like Kernel Video Sharing. I am always looking for a new script to help me get my work done faster and naturally easier. I always watch out for trouble when adding a new scrip. A lot of these things just don’t work and it takes days to fix the errors that they cause. So, I was pleasantly surprised when this script just didn’t show any troubles. Then the ease of use really blew me...

Let me join all the people here and say this script rocks. I can’t even begin listing all the features. It’s a real Rubik’s cube, you just combine the parts in the way you want.

Our team have been slicing templates for KVS for several years already. We love how dynamic this script is, always moving forward. In our experience, all issues were handled by the support department right away. If you need something which is not there yet, you may be sure it will be pretty soon after you tell them about it. Having built dozens of KVS-powered sites we are now sure this...

We have been building and supporting turnkey sites for quite a while now. For most video-based sites, we used Kernel Video Sharing. Currently we believe KVS is the best choice for tube sites. There are just so many ways to customize the templates to meet your needs. We like that you can use basic features for standard sites as well as implement advanced features for more complex sites with many...

We are a design studio which has been around for a while. We design templates for all sorts of scripts, but KVS really impressed us with how special and flexible it is. In the tube script market, this is our definite favorite. KVS lets you build anything, not just tube sites. Personal sites, social sites, you name it. It’s a powerful engine and lets us use all sorts of design gimmicks....

The KVS tube script was exactly what our team has been looking for. The script has unlimited possibilities which can satisfy even the tech people which are really hard to please. Besides that, the script is perfectly stable. We have more than 500K unique visitors on one of our tube sites and we never had any problems. There are a lot of features, but the script is easy to use and the...

I had my doubts at first. I spent quite a bit of time considering the purchase and I was really skeptical towards KVS. It looked overly complicated and hard to understand. Then, I spent some time studying the demo of the admin panel and read the detailed manual. Done, I wanted KVS. I purchased it and never regretted doing so. A fantastic sctipt, no less. I have never seen anything better,...

This script is very easy to use. The best thing for video based sites in my opinion. Never regretted choosing it. The support team are great, they respond fast and are super easy to understand.

I have gone through tons of scripts and all of them seemed to have their pros and cons. Clipshare and KVS were my favorites. IMHO one should just ignore the rest. I chose KVS, what do I say now? Pretty happy with it. I like how my site is built of these modules which you can combine in any way you want. You just need to know a bit of HTML. Fits my special needs perfectly. I really needed...

I switched to KVS, I also use other sites and can compare different scripts. This stuff rules. The admin area has all the features I needed, even more. Two languages there as well, with detailed instructions about anything you may want to know. Nothing to complain about in terms of how it works, really well thought through and handy.

I have been using KVS as a tube site backend since April. The first week was introductory, then I customized the script the way I wanted. It’s very much a set of tools, when you know what you want, you’ll build it. The support team turned out to be very nice, thanks a lot, guys. If you are just starting and can afford the license, let me tell you this, buy KVS and you’ll never regret it. I...

I have been in the web development business for a while and I know the features of all major CMS scripts. So I’m really demanding when it comes to a tube site’s backend. This script meets all the modern demands and is suitable for any site. This includes microtubes and install and forget sites and for major sites as well. Though you will need to invest in customization in the latter case....

KVS was perfect for our site. If only we had known about it before. It would have saved us tons of $$$ and nerves! KVS is a great buy. Originally our site was running on another script but it just couldn’t handle the load. We decided to build the site from scratch which meant spending thousands of dollars and a few months. Not exactly something you’re happy about. When we purchased KVS...

Several years working with this script, previously tried many different solutions, but not one of them can not even half of all that can boast of KVS. I want to share my recent experience: my last site was launched as a side project in the basic version of the engine, but the site has grown very rapidly in terms of attendance and at the moment it has more than one million page views daily. Due...

Siete pronti a fidarvi di un esperto e creare un progetto di successo con KVS?
Chi siamo

Da molti anni abbiamo collaborato con maggiori siti di video. Questa esperienza è stata implementata in KVS - un CMS veramente sicuro e comodo con numerosissime funzioni per creare e gestire dei siti di video di qualsiasi livello.

Stiamo elaborando e perfezionando KVS da più di 10 anni già.

Nel 2006 abbiamo iniziato l'elaborazione di una piattaforma tube della nuova generazione.

Negli anni passati su KVS sono stati lanciati vari siti di video in diversi campi. Anno per anno abbiamo perfezionato KVS per avere l'opportunità di costruire e gestire qualsiasi sito con il contenuto di video.

Questo processo continua ancora, e si può sempre leggere la storia delle versioni nelle nostre notizie.

Ogni membro del nostro team ha più di 20 anni di esperienza nel campo di web business.

Alcuni membri del team lavorano con KVS sin dal lancio nel 2006!

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