KVS v3.8.1

13 August, 2015

Paid voting for flags added. Now, for each flag, you can set up and amount in tokens that users need to spend to use these flags to vote for a video, album, or other items.
5 more extra text fields added for tags. Please note that when you merge several tags via renaming the content in extra fields of one of the tags may be lost.
Internal messaging revamped. Now you can display a list of users that the current user has conversations with (enabled by the mode_conversations parameter of the list_members block). In this list, you can also display total number of messages with each user as well as total unread messages. Any users can be ignored now and messages from them will not be shown. Also, you can make internal messaging paid so that users need to spend tokens to send a message to another user.
In remote storage and conversion server settings, you can now set a custom FTP timeout. Also the system was optimized so that it creates less FTP connections.
This version puts a start to our full and gradual usability update for the admin area interface. So far the changes mostly concern categorization. There, in all lists, you can now check the columns you want to be displayed. Filters were improved as well: the new data filter lets you filter items with any empty or non-empty field. In new versions, we will add a similar filtering system and customizable columns to all lists.
In content settings, you can now customize a RAM limit for background system processes such as content processing, importing, or feeds.
In content settings, a new option lets you disallow adding videos with source file duplicates. This feature can include not only existing videos but deleted ones as well. Please note this feature will be only be applied to new content that was added after the update.
In content settings, new options let you disallow adding videos (albums or posts) with name duplicates. These options only affect the admin panel.
Approving new content in video and album lists became much easier. Now by activating content you remove the 'pending approval' flag. Previously you had to remove this flag for each item separately. Also, in bulk actions, you can now bulk activate selected items while deleting other inactive items, as well as delete selected items while activating other non-activated items. Just like with comments, but now, inactive items are deleted not from the entire database, but from the items you currently see in the list.
In the user list, fast login under any user is now possible.
In video script protection settings, you can now add a white list of domains on which hotlinking to your video files is allowed.
Now video channels are selected using predictive text input instead of a dropdown menu.
In import feeds, you can now specify the channel in CSV settings.
Backup plugin improvements. First, a copy of embed player settings is now created via a separate option instead of being created together with a copy of site design. Often copies of site design are used to duplicate the design across different sites, and there, embed player settings are redundant. Also, you can now backup the files of auxiliary content not directly related to videos or albums (posts, categories, user avatars etc).
The avatar generation plugin will not re-generate avatars for categories where the avatars have not been changed since last generation. This is to optimize server load.
The automated cache cleaning plugin now detects maximum age of cached files to delete them when this age is reached. Previously, files older than 5 days would always be deleted. This lets you have less garbage cache.
Verotel payment processor is now supported.
In scripts that redirect to random video or album, you can now send the category using its ID or directory. Also, any additional parameters sent by this script will be added to the redirect.
In list_videos and list_albums, the skip_with_admin_flag parameter was added. It lets you exclude content with a certain admin flag from the block.
In list_videos and list_albums, you can now use filtering by user without enabling the mode_uploaded mode.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- Image viewing would not work in the admin panel when extensions of uploaded files were in uppercase.
- In import feed settings, selected extra fields would be displayed with blank names.
- In the post_view block, the show_next_and_prev_info parameter would not be limited to the type of current post.
- In video import feeds, a non-empty directory would be created for a video with a blank name.
- In the site video upload block, release year could not be specified.
- When moving content to a different group of storage servers, tasks would be completed with errors when files on the hard drive were replaced manually.
- An attempt to restore the password right after registration made it impossible to activate the profile using the link provided.
- In some cases when background processing tasks for new videos were relaunched the tasks could not be executed once again.
- When KVS could not connect to storage servers often, many garbage folders would be created on conversion servers.
- In folders of remote storage or conversion servers sometimes lots of text files called test-[number].dat would be created.
- Site debugger would keep redirecting to site index with a certain block configuration on the page.
- Certain logical fixes in the way NATS and EPOCH payment processors interact with the system.
Den splitter nye KVS 6.2.0 er her Bestill nå