KVS v3.8.0

01 May, 2015

Channels and groups of channels can now be officially labeled as series, which makes working with them easier. To do that, set the dvds_mode in /admin/include/setup.php to series. It will let you add seasons right as you are creating or editing a series. You will also be able to add episodes to seasons in season editor.
DVDs and channels and groups of them now support full categorization: categories, tags, and models. The same is true for series and seasons of series.
Models and content sources now support partial categorization: tags and categories. When you import content, you can configure importing in such a way that model categories are added to the content, just like it was for content sources earlier.
You can now connect screenshot and album crop settings to extra fields of content sources. Thus you can use different crop settings for content from different sources (e.g. crop the watermark on the images).
In screenshot and album format settings, you can now enable creating of images with progressive loading as well as adding a comment (copyright) to be stored in the metadata.
In lists, mass content filtration options have been extended. This lets you filter out virtually any content on your site using extra flags. Flag values are set via cron using your custom logic. The site filters out content by checking the flag value. This is particularly useful on satellite sites when several sites display content from the same database and some sites display only some content. This filtration is easy to configure, and it is exceptionally fast compared to features available earlier.
In import and import feeds, you can now set a word or character limit in the title. Everything else will be discarded.
In content settings, you can now set criteria that allow background tasks to be launched: max server LA and time interval in days. Thus you can have your server launch background tasks only when the load is minimal.
In player settings, you can now enable automatic scaling of imported embed codes to your desired size. This lets you import embed codes of any size, and they will be automatically stretched to fit your design.
In member area settings, you can now let users set the price of the videos and albums they upload. Prices are set in tokens. When other users purchase access to these videos or albums, owners will get a share of the price in tokens. Thus you can encourage your content uploaders to participate in your affiliate program.
Database check is now optimized so that checks do not generate any load.
The engine now downloads files in a better way. First, when a file is downloaded, its actual size is compared with the size in the headers, and if there is a mismatch, the file is re-downloaded. Second, instead of local downloads (from the same domain), file system copying is used, which results in much faster processing.
Import feeds can now be launched every minute. Before, they could only be launched once an hour.
In video and album import, you can now import data when some of the links to screenshots or photos are broken. In this case, then import checks are run, warnings about partially unavailable files are shown (unless checks are disabled). The same goes for video importing feeds.
In import and import feeds, you can disallow creating new categories, models and content sources basing on import data. It can be useful when the data you are importing contains unnecessary categorization you do not want to import.
Export feeds can now generate output of content that has not been published yet.
You can now connect posts to videos. You can use this feature to display additional text content related to your videos, e.g. film reviews.
In video and album lists in the admin panel, you can now enable display of admin flag.
In mass video and album editing, you can now assign a random content administrator from a list.
In embed codes, you can now set autorun and player skin via embed code parameters. Embed codes with assigned parameters can be obtained through video export and from export feeds. For this fix to work, you need to modify your embed code template. Contact our support for that.
In the backup plugin, weekly backup was moved from Sunday to Monday.
In the audit log analysis plugin, past month period was added according to its start and end dates.
When you respond to a feedback message, message topic is preserved and original message is quoted.
After the user is deleted, all their comments are displayed as anonymous instead of being deleted.
The way user friend list is displayed has been optimized considerably.
In registration block, you can now disable the captcha.
In list_dvd_groups and list_dvds blocks, which are also used to display series and seasons of series, you can now search and filter by alphabet.
In various categorization and list blocks, a few new parameters were added to improve filtering. In models, you can now filter by country, hair color, and eye color.
Video and album lists can now be sorted by their extra field values.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- Security checks allowed admins to replace screenshots through manual grabbing without having access to specific videos.
- If var_from was not enabled in list_videos / list_albums blocks that displayed search results, number of search results would not be saved for search queries.
- Storage server check used last added content (video or album) and with CDN could return errors as the content would not have been fully uploaded to CDN.
- When vertical videos were uploaded using the new theme, the preview screenshot would not be rotated.
- Pagination with pseudo-random sorting resulted in empty list.
- In new embed codes, affiliate refs would not be sent to video page.
- In import feeds, when premium videos were imported, format was not taken into account when selected.
- In import feeds, setting server time for imported video would work slightly incorrectly.
- In list_videos, when external search plugin was used, show_xxx_info options would not work.
- Fixes in gallery grabber.
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