Server requirements

Minimum server requirements

  • Unix-like OS (Windows is not supported)
  • PHP 7.1, 7.2, 7.3
  • IonCube Loader 10.2+
  • Mysql 5.6+
  • FFmpeg 1.0+ with libx264, libavfilter and AAC codec (libfaac, libfdk_aac or native ffmpeg aac codec)
  • ImageMagick
  • cURL
  • Wget 1.14+
  • Apache with mod_rewrite (-MultiViews)
  • Non-cyrillic domain name

Minimum PHP requirements

Recommended configuration (very desired)

  • Memcached + PHP Memcache module
  • Nginx (configured with --with-http_mp4_module) and proxying Apache
  • Set client_max_body_size to 0 in nginx config
  • Youtube-dl for tube grabbers
  • PHP.ini upload_max_filesize 2000M (the maximum allowed size for uploaded files)
  • PHP.ini post_max_size 2000M (the maximum allowed size for uploaded files)
  • PHP.ini memory_limit 512M
  • Using external caching such as eAccelerator or XCache is NOT recommended
  • Using suhosin with PHP is NOT recommended

Requirements for multiserver scenario

All the requirements above are related to the simplest configuration, which only utilizes 1 single physical server. KVS supports separate physical servers for content storage or CPU-hungry conversion operations. If you are going to use separate servers, they will have different requirements:

  • Content server: PHP, Nginx recommended
  • Conversion server: PHP, FFmpeg, ImageMagick
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