KVS v3.7.0

22 January, 2015

Then new theme
When you buy the theme, it is licensed to you personally, not to a single domain name. This means you can use it on any KVS site you own. Currently there is no separate mobile version of the theme. However, we do plan to add it soon; it will become part of the bundle. You will be able to add it to any site that is already running. In addition to the basic skin, we plan to add a few more including lighter-colored ones. These will become part of the theme bundle as well.
In the new theme, we did our best to introduce all the features our customers asked for and that have not been included into the default KVS theme. Moreover, we did everything we could to make sure you can customize the theme with minimal or no template editing. Instead, in most cases, you will only need to edit the CSS, .htaccess, and localization files.
KVS 3.7.0
Playlists now have a lot more features. You can now fully manage your playlists from the admin panel. Site-side, playlist_view and playlist_coments blocks have been added. These let you fully use playlist view pages on your site, with ratings, flags, popularity and comments. Playlists now feature tag and category support. Users can also subscribe to playlists.
In site settings, premium and private video access settings have been added. Previously, private videos were available only to the friends of a user while premium videos were available to all users (assuming only premium users can see 'full' formats of premium videos). Now you can configure this. For example, you can make private videos available to all logged in users, not just friends.
Comments to posts are now supported.
Conversion engine workflow has been optimized in situations when source video files are uploaded without any need to convert them, and screenshots are uploaded at the same time. Before, the engine would create screenshot formats on the primary server. Now, it will create them on the conversion server that lets you decrease primary server load when you upload content in this manner.
In content settings, you can now configure offset from the end of the video when creating screenshots. You can also specify the name of the screenshot that should always be the default one (before, screenshot #1 would always be selected).
You can now set maximum size of watermark in % in photo album formats, just like it used to be for video formats.
In importing and mass editing, you can now set a posting date randomization range. This could be useful if you want your content to be published within a certain interval of time.
Category avatar generation plugin can now use photo albums to create avatars. It also supports cropping options.
In the FTP upload plugin, you can now enable deleting of source data after it has been processed. This makes copying source files into the engine faster as they are renamed.
You can now filter content for which audit errors have been found (e.g. required files missing).
Minor naming change in admin panel: Users section is now Memberzone.
You can now add comments from the admin panel. This is available in the context menu of objects that support comments, and via the context menu of comments themselves.
Vendo payment processing is now supported.
In export feeds, you can now filter by locale. You can also get language versions of links to pages with satellites taken into account. Thus, when you use locale in filters, you can make your feed return only videos with titles translated into this language, with all related data also translated, and with links to the language satellite.
In a number of site blocks, video and album selection via pull_videos / pull_albums parameters has been optimized.
In the login block, you can now display a separate error message for a deactivated user.
In video_view and album_view blocks, the show_next_and_previous_info parameter is now used more extensively. It is used to display links to next and previous video or album. Before, it used to work based on object post date only. Now, you can configure this parameter in such a way that next and previous objects are selected by content provider match, and also channel match (for videos only).
Videos and photo albums can now be sorted via total token purchases. This information can also be displayed in view blocks.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- FTP timeout reduced to 10 seconds; this should prevent conversion engine from freezing for a long time when there was a connection problem.
- In filters by posting date in admin panel, the 'to' date would not be included in the interval.
- When editing content, administrators could create new categories and models even if they lacked appropriate privileges.
- In the rotator, the completion criterion would be calculated incorrectly for clicks that took places in blocks where best screenshot display option was disabled.
- Embed code display issues in admin panel.
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