KVS v3.5.0

17 June, 2014

1) Iframe embed codes now work according to an entirely different concept. Previously, iframe embed codes would be displayed by site pages that prevented you from configuring their availability and accumulating statistics. The 3.5.0 update lets you switch the iframe embed code to the new engine, which gives you the following advantages:
- You are now able to configure different embed code profiles for different sites. You can set up completely different display templates for 'your' and 'third party' sites. You can use an unlimited number of profiles.
- Multi-format videos are now supported in embed codes. Old embed codes did not let you switch between formats.
- Embed codes now support timeline screenshots.
- HTML ad settings are now available in embed codes.
2) Flash embed codes will no longer be supported. Old embed codes will remain functional, new codes will be available as iframes only. In all new installations starting from 3.5.0, Flash embed codes will not work.
3) You can now assign HTML and popup ads in the player to additional fields of content sources, in the same way you could do that before for other ad types.
4) Object directory generation for SE optimization was fully reworked. Previously, you could only use Latin characters in directory names. For other languages, transliteration via a separate script was used. In 3.5.0, we added directory generation settings. You can now set max directory name length and configure transliteration rules. Depending on these rules, you can allow any characters, not just Latin characters.
5) You can now localize directories in the same way you could localize titles and descriptions before. When you use satellite sites, it lets you use not only different titles and descriptions for various objects, but also completely different URLs with no matches at all. In language settings, you can configure transliteration rules for each language.
6) A new option in remote storage server settings lets you enable overlapping of primary site domain on satellites. This prevents search engines from seeing any connection between your primary site and your satellite sites.
7) Users can now subscribe to content sources and models. Subscriptions let them track in the member area when new content related to their chosen objects is posted. KVS also lets users subscribe to channels and other users.
8) In content source settings, screenshots are now handled differently. There are 2 screenshots now, just like models have. You can also configure their sizes and duplication in content settings.
9) An option that lets you distribute uploaded content into 2 zones of your site was added. It lets you choose between: (a) all public pages, and (b) only the member area of a user. The content assigned to the member area of a user will be seen in this user's profile only and will not be available on common pages. Please contact the support department if you want to enable this feature.
10) Photo albums now support auto-correction for orientation. KVS can automatically detect wrong image orientation and rotate such images to auto-correсt them.
11) In content statistics, you can now launch mass editing for selected content items. You may want to use this to migrate your most or least popular content from one storage group into another.
12) When you try to mass edit all content, you will now see a warning that prevents you from applying new settings to all content by accident.
13) In website settings, you can now adjust the behavior for pseudo-videos. Previously, when users opened a page with a pseudo-video, they would be redirected to the exit URL in all cases. Now you can allow opening the page with the video on your site and display the link in the template.
14) In album images editor, you can select all images to be deleted, just like video screenshots. In personal settings, you can now choose what happens when you click a video screenshot or an image in an album, either the viewer can be opened, or the item can be toggled for deletion.
15) In personal settings, the option that enabled WYSIWYS editing was changed to multiple options for different segments of data.
16) In the administration panel, you can now filter lists of videos, photo albums, and posts according to posting date.
17) User avatars in various formats are now supported, including animated GIFs. To enable GIF support, add the GIF format to the list of allowed formats in the $config['image_allowed_ext'] option of the /admin/include/setup.php configuration file.
18) You can now set alternative delivery URLs for category avatars. This makes pages with lists of categories load faster. To do this, please contact the support department to have corresponding templates modified.
19) In models and users, new options for eye color, hair color, sex, orientation, and family status were added. Site templates need to be modified for this to function correctly.
20) In site settings, you can now globally disable MemCache leaving only file cache on.
21) You can now write your own script that sends mail messages.
22) All site blocks were reworked in relation to the way asynchronous requests and POST requests in forms are handled. All forms can now be submitted asynchronously, and you can get data in XML or JSON formats in response. All errors now have unique codes. Because of this, new designs do not have duplicate checks on both the client and server sides. Only server-side checking is left. In upcoming updates, we will clear up the existing JS code from the checks, switch all the forms to asynchronous sending, and make the code as brief as possible.
23) In the signup block, you can now display the form that re-sends the registration confirmation email.
24) In the signup and member_profile_edit blocks, you can now make many of the profile fields mandatory (country, city, avatar, and others). Please pay attention that enabling these requires block template modifications.
25) In the login block, you can now set a redirect to the user's profile page after login.
26) In comment blocks, you can now set the minimal comment length (via the min_length parameter). Please pay attention that enabling these requires block template modifications.
27) In the list_models, list_content_sources and list_tags blocks, you can now only display categorization objects that have videos OR photo albums (the show_only_with_albums_or_videos parameter). Previously, only list_categories had this feature.
28) In the list_members block, searching users by city independently from other data is now supported (the var_city parameter).
29) In the list_categories block, you can now sort categories by the CTR of videos in these categories.
30) In list_members, you can now separate users by languages or satellites (the match_locale parameter). On a particular satellite, it lets you display only users registered on this satellite. Currently you can separate comments, users, and events by satellites.
31) New sorting options were added to user lists, content sources, and models.
32) In the list_members_events block, you can now pull data from each event object (video, photo album, etc.) to display more information in the event list.
33) In the list_videos, list_albums, list_content, list_posts blocks, the title and description of the first object in the list is now sent to the $storage variable. You can use this data in the page's meta tags.
34) In the search_results block, you can now sort search queries by alphabet, total queries, and results found. Also, related queries can be shown. This can be used in 2 keys: (a) display a list of related queries on the search results page, and (b) use auto-completion lists when users enter their queries into the search field.
35) Bugs that have been fixed:
- When copying files to storage servers, FTP chmod is no longer used.
- In the player, timeline screenshots would be displayed outside the player frame.
- In the player, when the playback area was clicked, the video ads would be shown each time. Now they are shown on first click only.
- Plugin-related CRON tasks would not launch on satellites.
- The login block would not redirect users who have already logged in when they loaded the login page again.
- In some cases there were issues with uploading files from URLs.
Important update info
If your KVS license is not including open source code, updating to 3.5.0 will require IonCube Loader 4.6.1 or above.
Since 3.5.0 has a huge amount of changes in website blocks and other critical functionality we will upload updates in a month or more. If you want your project to be updated ASAP, please create support ticket.
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