KVS for tube sites

We have been collaborating with some of the biggest tube sites out there like Pornhub, YouPorn, xHamster and BravoTube. This experience made KVS into the powerful and reliable system it is today, offering easy to use management tools, robust content protection, detailed stats and great site network building features.

A great site starts with an idea.

An idea you can make happen with KVS.

KVS features for tube sites

Optimized for heavy server loads and protected against overloads
You don’t need to spend money on expensive server hardware or server farms. KVS is ready to handle tons of traffic right away. Over 10 million hits a day is an everyday average for KVS sites. It’s never going to be the critical threshold after which your site stops growing and becomes sluggish. Anti-overload protection lets you identify the potentially problematic page blocks and helps you optimize them way before they cause any problems.
100% open PHP code can be purchased
Your site is 100% backdoor-free, and you are the only one who controls it. You never have reasons to doubt it. You are in full control over everything, able to make unlimited modifications whenever you need.
Extensive, easy to understand categorization
Create new sections fast and easy without any PHP development skills. Categorize your content structuring your data exactly the way you need.
Multi-language support for site and content
Don’t limit your own growth. Build multiple site versions in different languages and get more international traffic. Manage the language versions in the admin panel that lets you easily control your translators and update your copy.
Multi-server content conversion and storage
Time is money. Don’t waste both processing large volumes of content. KVS supports parallel content processing by multiple conversion servers. You will be impressed by how fast KVS can be. Use multiple servers to store your content. Found a cheaper server? Perfect, with KVS, you can move your content there easily, no losses or limits.
Build site networks using the same database
Launch more sites spending less money and time. Get more SE traffic by using different copy for different sites. Build niche sites using your primary multi-niche site. All content is managed in your admin panel. Give it a try, it’s really easy.
Embed codes are supported, offering flexible ad configuration settings and detailed stats
Grow your site and your user base by letting visitors distribute your embed codes. Add an embed code for ads and configure your settings. The code can have a lower quality video or even a trailer. So many settings to choose from.
Geared towards social and community features
Make your users spend more time on your site. Let them interact, exchange information, and join communities of like-minded people. KVS can help you build a great combination of community features and subscription-based services. The more motivated they are, the more they do on your site! Encourage your users to participate offering tokens as incentives. These can be spent on bonuses including access to premium sections.
Professional support in English, firsthand from developers
We never provide customer support using third party operators. All your questions and issues are handled by the developers themselves who obviously know their product inside and out. All issues are solved right away without getting bounced endlessly between support and tech. We understand how absolutely important this is, and customer feedback proves that we are doing it right.
Incredibly flexible page builder with simple, easy to use design templates
Create new pages and modify the ones you already have without having to pay any developers. The modular pages created by our site builder do not require editing the PHP code. You only need basic HTML and Smarty skills. Decrease development costs and keep your code bug-free. We never stop adding up to date features to new KVS updates.
Video player supporting HTML5, multiple quality modes, and virtually limitless monetization options
Monetize your site without any hassle and make all adjustments required by a particular campaign. Our player was built for tube sites and meets all current market requirements.
Absolute security and 100% site control
Your KVS site is always fully secured by our multi-tier protection system. You can use anti-hacking protection with permanent software and hardware performance analysis, system file change audit, alert system, and detailed stats. Stay updated on how your site performs at all times.
Multi-format content support and creating formats as you build and grow your site
Make your site easier to use. Offer videos in more resolutions, formats, and quality settings. Monetize your site using free video trailers and full movies for subscribed users. Manage your video formats as you build and expand your site based on your source files. You just choose the parameters, and KVS does the rest.
Video and video screenshot rotation
Behavior-based rotator selects best videos and best screenshots for videos. Thus your most clickable and exciting content is always at the top.
Import and export feeds
Publisher-defined content is always easily available to webmasters who use this content to promote publisher’s sites. Also, you can automate adding large volumes of content from virtually any source.
Multiple paid access options
Monetize your site using our advanced billing system. KVS supports all popular payment processors including CCBill, Epoch, SegPay, NATS, Zombaio, Vendo, SMSCiuk, SMSDostup, xBill etc. Choose between duration-based memberships (monthly or other periods) as well as pay per view using tokens. New billing features are always on their way.
User playlists, both public and private
Yet another awesome feature that lets your users easily structure site content in their custom private playlists and find the content they need in public playlists. This can increase user loyalty dramatically and make your site more SE-friendly.
Updates and improvements never stop
KVS means 10 years of non-stop development and improvement. Even though the product became popular and stable pretty fast, we never stopped perfecting it. Most our customers own top level sites, this is why we always need to offer up to date features and services to match. KVS is all about cutting edge features that fully satisfy the current needs of site owners all over the world.
Simply the best admin panel in industry with easy access to management and monitoring. Check it out yourself on our demo site right now!

Customers about KVS

Bravo Media Group / Alex
Bravo Media Group / Alex

We have been using KVS now for some time and we haven't looked back since. Our experience has been nothing but great since day one.

KVS meets all the modern requirements in today's dynamic market. It will suit any business models as new versions are released frequently with new features added all the time.

On top of this, the script is amazingly flexible and lets you reconfigure it as...

Serious Partners
Serious Partners

We have been using this script for a few years now. We’re so happy we’re gradually moving our major sites to it.

KVS offers a great combo of features, content processing and site administration options, and a very easy to use template engine.

Add the highly professional support team and you get one of the leading products on the market today. Our recommendations!

Croc Network
Croc Network

We use KVS on several successful sites with more than 1 million pageviews per day and it has always been a stable and efficient script.

It can handle big sites with ease. Their support staff is fast and exceptionally helpful and it's one of the many reasons why we keep turning back to KVS for our new sites.

I give it my highest recommendation for building your tube site.

Tube Alliance
Tube Alliance

We have been testing this script and using it for a few years now. I believe no script can be a competition to KVS in today’s market.

An impressive balance between ease of use, customization options, and a promising set of powerful features.

RC Support / Royal Cash
RC Support / Royal Cash

We have been using this product to build and run some of our sites. It offers incredible ease of use when managing and configuring a site, the server load is minimal and pages load really fast.

We appreciate all the help Kernel Team offered when we were setting up and customizing Kernel Video Sharing for these sites. We wish them nothing but success in taking their product further.

Idol Bucks
Idol Bucks

I really like Kernel Video Sharing. I am always looking for a new script to help me get my work done faster and naturally easier. I always watch out for trouble when adding a new scrip.

A lot of these things just don’t work and it takes days to fix the errors that they cause. So, I was pleasantly surprised when this script just didn’t show any troubles. Then the ease of use really blew me...

Tay / Tony Bucks
Tay / Tony Bucks

Let me join all the people here and say this script rocks. I can’t even begin listing all the features. It’s a real Rubik’s cube, you just combine the parts in the way you want.

Hardy / adult-html.com
Hardy / adult-html.com

Our team have been slicing templates for KVS for several years already. We love how dynamic this script is, always moving forward.

In our experience, all issues were handled by the support department right away. If you need something which is not there yet, you may be sure it will be pretty soon after you tell them about it.

Having built dozens of KVS-powered sites we are now sure this...

Art Design XXX
Art Design XXX

We have been building and supporting turnkey adult sites for quite a while now. These include CJ sites, tubes, TGPs, paysites, AVS sites, blogs, and more. For most video-based sites, we used Kernel Video Sharing. Currently we believe KVS is the best choice for tube sites. There are just so many ways to customize the templates to meet your needs. We like that you can use basic features for...

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