KVS v3.1.0

09 March, 2013

KVS v3.1.0
Stop words and replacements for them were added. Prevent your visitors from posting illegal or unwanted content by having KVS replace all the detected stop words with the replacements of your choice. Stop words are also removed from all search queries so that no stop words appear in stats and on your site's pages.
Minor import feed improvements:
- 'Check needed' flag added to import feed settings for all videos being added;
- Importing custom reflinks for content sources and importing groups of content sources was added, as long as such info is contained in the feed data (CSV);
- Now all feeds can be launched manually;
- Key fields can now be specified without binding them to video data;
In album formats, you can now select resizing with fixed height and dynamic width. Enable this option to set fixed height for all images of a chosen format.
Engine behavior when creating thumbnails if source image is smaller than the format requires is now different. Now, the engine will upscale the source image to fit the set sizes. This change affects video screenshots and album pictures.
For token-based premium access, you can now set puchased content availability limit, i.e. when the access expires.
Token purchase transactions can now be canceled. When such transaction is canceled, the previously purchased amount of tokens will be deducted from the user's account. If there are not enough tokens to deduct from, access to certain purchased content will be automatically disabled to restore the account balance.
Upgrade block was added, letting standard registered users purchase premium access and tokens. Previously, upgrading user accounts to premium status was handled by the signup block. Starting from branch 3 of the software, the signup block no longer handles account upgrades.
In video_edit / album_edit blocks, you can now adjust the maximum number of categories using block parameters (previously up to 3 categories were allowed).
The JavaScript of the player's API was completely reworked. Easy integration of JS / HTML ads is now available. Check the player's public documentation for the new API details.
JS handlers for format change in the player were added. Use them to run a custom JS script instead of format change or redirect, e.g. to display a popup with access purchase details.
In the update plugin, updating can now be canceled during the first step when general update info is displayed.
In the list_content block, you can now use dynamic content provider group filtering.
KVS concepts user guide was completely re-worked according to all conceptual changes and new features in v3.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- Localization issues in the popup of the video_edit block;
- If a clickthrough link was specified for the player video area, the playback didn't stop when the area was clicked;
- Repeated playback in the player didn't work via JS API;
- Issues with MP4 file streaming check on storage servers sometimes generating false errors;
- Player didn't load if its size was set in % (e.g. 100%);
- The rotator didn't count clicks if the page didn't receive the video directory parameter;
- The list_playlists block removed video duplicates from video lists when pull_videos was used which is logically incorrect.
KVS v3.0.3
The CSV export feeds now feature embed codes in all applicable scenarios. Previously the embed codes were only featured in the export feeds which had ‘embed code’ set up as the content type.
In the CSV export feeds, you can now enable content provider URLs; previously they only featured content provider name.
The audit log now features links to objects.
The following bugs have been fixed:
- When videos were uploaded from the site, no categories were set;
- In storage server settings, the ‘use non-standard streaming HTTP parameter’ field wasn't available for Nginx streaming;
- The audit log analysis plugin was slow with larger files;
- No avatar was displayed in the list_members_blog block;
- With larger video files, source screenshots were not displayed correctly in the panel.
KVS v3.0.2
The following bugs have been fixed:
- No video playback in Chrome in case the Flash-based embed player used a video format for which downloads were allowed;
- In version 3.0, JS player control features didn't work due to same id values set for both the player and its container.
KVS v3.0.1
In the list_videos block, you can now mass set the type of selected videos from the ones you uploaded to either private or public.
In the list_messages block, when messaging history with a user is displayed, quick reply is now supported.
In the video_view and album_view blocks, the 'send link to friend' feature now supports multiple emails separated by commas.
Video/album lists in the admin panel now have filters by localization.
The following bugs have been fixed:
- Template search didn’t include templates of global blocks;
- Localization didn’t function correctly with AJAX requests;
- Newer ffmpeg versions no longer supported -sameq;
- Avatar creation plugin didn’t log errors into a file.
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