KVS v2.0.6

30 December, 2010

The content of photo albums was completely restructured. Now photo albums support multi-format structure, as well as videos. Photo album processing was moved to background tasks.
Support of content sources and models was added to the photo albums.
Now you can deny access to certain formats of photo albums for not privileged users.
The feature to adjust list columns (in personal settings) appeared for photo albums in the admin panel, and also the buttons similar to video "Save and edit next" and "Save and add more" were added.
The filter was added in logging of video converting process that allows filtering out many similar messages generated by ffmpeg, leaving only a small part of them. This is done in order to increase the availability of video conversion logs.
The feature was added in video import to set the number of days in the future, during which the video will be distributed, in addition to a specific date range. This is useful if you regularly use import schemes and always upload videos to the same interval in the future (for example, for a week forward).
One of video import / export schemes can be specified as the default scheme, and it will be automatically selected when you open video import / export page.
The feature was added to the list of video formats in the admin panel to switch the structure of the list between 2 modes: standard (as was before) and the access and protection mode, which shows several other columns of the table, emphasizing for access settings of video formats.
Manual screenshots grabbing can now add new overview video screenshots (previously you could only replace the existing ones).
Audit plugin was extended to check the complete content of photo albums.
Few small corrections and bugs.
Uusi KVS 6.2.0 on täällä Tilaa nyt