KVS v3.8.4

17 May, 2016

KVS users can now receive payouts of the tokens they have earned. Tokens are earned via selling content or as rewards for certain types of activity.
New block called list_members_tokens has been added. It lets you display token movements for a user account, including how many tokens were purchased, how many were earned and spent, and how many were paid out. The block features date and record type filtering.
When videos and albums purchased by other users are deleted, they will be deactivated instead from now on. Also, lists of purchased videos and albums will include inactive content as well.
Member area award log has been moved to the stats section.
Creating conversion servers is now easier. Now, the remote_cron.php file will be copied automatically so that your new conversion server activates as soon as you enable cron. For local conversion servers, you do not need to set up cron manually anymore. KVS will do it for you.
In albums, you can now manage the preview image uploading or replacing it at any time. Previously, you could only upload it when creating the album. Preview images are used to create preview group formats used in album lists.
Watermark images for videos are now customizable via custom PHP logic.
Now you can manage theme language files via the admin panel. You can manage either entire text files, or separate entries.
In new KVS installations, we added a separate theme settings page. It lets you quickly set up main theme options as well as see details regarding basic feature settings (comments, content uploading, registration, logging in). We hope this page will help you get started faster and set up basic parameters right away instead of going deep and exploring all the many settings and options.
Category and model selectors in the admin panel now support showing synonyms and searching by them.
Content serving monitoring can now check formats that are only available to registered users.
Support for built-in special character transliteration for main European languages when generating directories has been added. Before, you would need to set up transliteration rules manually when enabling transliteration. Now you can leave the rules empty so that default ones are applied.
In video formats you can now limit speed for certain countries only. You can use this feature to restrict access to all your videos for specific countries and at the same time have the site fully functional.
In mass video editing, you can now mass replace selected video format to a file you upload. Replacing video files with a placeholder video can be used as a way to not fully delete a video if a DMCA request is received. In this case, the video page will remain active, but the users will see the placeholder video. KVS has a plugin for creating placeholder videos.
In video and album import, you can now use file paths instead of links. For example, all content is on your server. Before, in order to import it, you would need to use web links to the files. Now you can use file paths as well.
Background mass edit tasks can now be seen in background task list.
In album format settings, you can now disable cropping for certain formats.
Features have been added making checking for spam faster when new videos and albums uploaded from the site are checked. Now, you can remove videos or albums right away and set up additional anti-spam actions, e.g. block user, block user IP or IP mask, block email domain, delete all other new videos or albums from this user. In addition to this, you can now manage the IP, IP mask, and email blacklist in member zone settings.
In site debugger, text data from language files is now available.
In NATS processing settings, you can now use trial memberships as non-premium KVS users. This lets you set up custom limits for trial users. You can also set up assigning tokens to trial users so that you can limit the amount of content they have access to. In this case, trial members will only be able to see the content they paid for with tokens.
In player settings, when adblock protection is enabled, you can now use the %POSTER_URL% that is replaced by the video poster.
In FTP upload plugin, you can now set content status after it's processed. Previously all imported content would be added as inactive.
In content export, you can now filter content via admin owner.
In video upload block, you can now upload videos as embed codes. This is enabled in video_edit block settings and is disabled by default. You can also set up a list of allowed domains for embed codes.
In list_videos and list_albums, you can now set up the way the search behaves when nothing is found. By default, the blocks would show empty lists. You can use new parameters to set up showing error 404 or using a 302 redirect to another page.
Updated theme includes support for German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, and Japanese.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- When multiple feeds were processing the same source, sometimes duplicates would appear.
- When a user was deleted from the database, they were not logged out. If the user was logged in at the time, the session would remain active.
- In player HTML ads, special characters would sometimes not be displayed correctly.
- When launching tasks to create optionally required video formats on the primary server, garbage files would accumulate.
- When a lot of tasks of certain types were active, task priority would not function.
- When clicking the save and next button, sometimes an object would be skipped.
- Content owner could not have access to files of their content.
- Import feed would not support embed codes in the smartscripts format.
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