KVS v2.4.0

10 December, 2011

Importing and exporting feeds were extended with directory and username fields handling.
New feature in screenshot and album formats: ability to create ZIP files with images. When this feature is enabled, it will go through all existing videos / albums and create the required ZIP files. Therefore you can enable it at any time.
In order to further optimize new video conversion, we allowed screenshot formats to be optionally created on conversion servers. Earlier they could only be created on main server. Starting with 2.4.0 the conversion script remote_cron.php, which is located on every conversion server, provides ability to specify imagemagick path. If you do this, screenshot formats will start creating on conversion servers.
Video upload and editing block (video_edit) was extended with ability for a user to select the main video screenshot.
Ability to see which third-party domains are using embed codes from your website was introduced.
Audit logging for all actions with videos and albums performed by administrators and website users was added. The log of these actions is available now in Settings section as Audit Log. It provides ability to see all performed actions with a particular video or album (who and when created it, modified it, removed it). Also it gives you full picture on what your content managers were doing for the given period of time. You can use audit log to check their progress, see how much they've done and etc.
A new plugin for database repair was created. This plugin can display status for all tables and provides ability to repair them if needed. If any database problems are detected, you will see an error message on the start page.
A new global option was added for video conversion configuration. It allows you selecting which video format (separately for standard and premium videos) should be used for detecting the global video duration, which is displayed on website in most cases. In previous versions the global duration was always detected based on video source file, which doesn't always make sense. For example if you upload source files with big duration, but all video formats are time-limited trailers (e.g. promo videos 3-5 minutes), the global video duration will be set incorrectly from source file. Now in such cases you can specify which video format should be checked for duration.
A new website block was added for displaying a list of top search queries submitted into your website internal search.
A new video / album validation option was added for utility purposes. The option is available from video / album context menu in admin panel. It executes one single validation for the selected video / album and checks availability of all video / album files and images.
The default set of templates was translated to Russian language and can optionally be chosen during installation.
New highly-demanded plugins were added: tags autogeneration, categories autogeneration and words-replacer in titles and descriptions for videos / albums. Enjoy!
Background conversion engine was extended with pause mode, which can be useful in special cases. Conversion engine does not allow you add / change / remove any formats during tasks processing. If new tasks come regularly for your project it may be difficult to find a "silent" period when you can make the required changes. In order to solve this problem, we added pause mode, which can be enabled in System Settings. After you enable this option, the conversion engine will need some time to finish the tasks that have already been started, and then it will be paused.
System settings were additionally extended with 2 new options, which allow configuring some start page alerts behavior. The first option will allow you disable annoying "KVS support access" alert. The second option provides ability to configure the limit of overload protection events, which trigger issue on the start page.
Albums and videos list blocks (list_videos and list_albums) were updated with the ability to specify redirect pattern for search action, which will be used to redirect users when search result contains only 1 item. In most cases you don't need to use this option, because its default behavior is to redirect to the video (album) page. However if you have a website section for mobile devices, its search is usually implemented on another page and redirection is required to another video (album) page as well - in this case you should use this new block parameter to specify the correct redirect pattern.
Internal website search was greatly optimized by using selective caching.
Ability to easily duplicate any existing website page was introduced. This feature is extremely useful when you need a test page for any reasons or when you are going to create a new version of the existing page. For example you can create a new version of video view page (video_view_v2) by duplicating the old one. Then you can spend days working with the new page, change its concept and contents, test it - and finally in order to switch your website to using the V2 page you only have to modify a rule (or couple of rules) in htaccess, that's it! If you need you can leave your old page and switch back to it at any time later.
Video exporting feeds were extended with categorization filters: by category, by tag, by model and by content source. Due to potential overload it is possible now to specify caching time for every feed.
A new priority option was added to conversion servers settings - it allows you to customize background process priority (nice) for every conversion server. The global option, which is available in system settings, now works only in the context of main server.
Administrators can now mark videos with any flag (so-called administrator flag). Also videos list can be filtered by this flag value and mass-edit functionality can be used to set this flag. This new feature can help your content managers to cooperate between each other. Please note that you can create any number of flags in categorization section.
Video upload and editing block (video_edit) was enhanced with ability to upload video files using remote HTTP links, which was possible only in admin panel before. This feature requires website template changes and thus it will not be available in the update.
Content sources block (list_content_sources) was enhanced with ability to filter content sources by category group.
Few small corrections and bugs.
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