KVS v1.4 is released

01 July, 2009

Block parameters were completely revised as a concept. Now, every block parameter is specified through a separate field, and different parameters have different fields. Now working with website customization is a lot easier.
Videos can now be created from FHGs.
Up to 3 dynamic HTTP parameters can be set up to be processed on top of caching. This is a major new thing for those who want to receive and process traffic from partners.
New block was introduced, referrer top list, allowing for running basic traffic trade without extra software. The block can show the referrer list with certain options and display the list of videos with links to trade as well; skimming is also supported.
New block was introduced, global website info displaying overall website data stats.
Ad click stats were introduced.
The video player was improved. Separate version for embed codes was added. Now you can let your users or other webmasters insert the embed code with your video into third party websites, and your ads will be shown together with this video.
Detailed documentation is now available for blocks and their parameters.
A feature to save the mass video import/export settings is now available. If you regularly add videos from a single source with the same settings, this will save plenty of your time.
Certain changes in the block displaying the list of internal messages. First, the one to initiate friendship now gets a system confirmation message. Then, the list of unread messages now shows regular message first, and then the friendship request notifications.
In the login block, you can now enable captcha and bruteforce protection. These are crucial for building premium access areas.
From now on, you can use settings to customize MEncoder command string for screenshots creation.
Manual screenshot uploading has new features. Now you can upload screenshots of any sizes, and they will be automatically resized to match the settings.
You can now enable screenshot display on the video editing page in administration panel. Check the administrator personal settings.
Anti-hotlink protection was improved.
You can now disable irrelevant information in the category list block to make this block more efficient.
A block was added to display any tag list, in addition to the current tags cloud block. The new block allows disabling unnecessary tag filtering to make it more efficient.
You can now use the mod_rewrite directory for content sources (sponsors). In the video list block you now have an option to display videos by content source directory, while previously it was possible only by content source ID.
In the video list block, you can now render full category information, tag and content source in the video lists corresponding to these objects (e.g. you can show full content source information and display the video list for this content source nearby).
Caching search results in video lists, photo albums and users blocks is now disallowed. Correspondingly, certain pages created specifically to display search results were dismissed as unnecessary.
We introduced an additional configuration file containing settings for player pop-up ads. You can now show different ads for different content sources, and check stats for pop-up ad clicks.
El nuevo KVS 6.2.0 ya está aquí Ordene ahora