KVS v2.4.2

12 March, 2012

Audit plugin was extended with security criteria check: checks for redundant write permissions on system files and folders, checks for direct web access to some folders and some other.
The concept of website pages creation / removal has been changed. Earlier in order to create a new page you had to enable write permissions to the project root folder. Now you should manually copy the required PHP file into project folder before creating a page. In the same way you should manually remove page PHP file before removing a page. Therefore there is no need to violate security policy of file access to the root project folder.
Added audit plugin documentation with information about all possible errors, warnings and information messages it can return.
The possible list of sortings was extended for models list block (list_models).
Few small corrections and bugs.
Das brandneue KVS 6.2.0 ist da Jetzt bestellen