Version 3.5.2 is available for update

02 September, 2014

KVS v3.5.2
In localization language settings, you can now set whether this language needs custom directory values or not. Separate directories for localization have been introduced in 3.5.0. However, this feature was enabled with no option to disable it. After you update to 3.5.2, separate directories will be disabled by default. If your satellites do need separate directories, go to language settings and enable this option.
In video format settings, you can now set the max % of watermark width compared to the width of the video. You may find this feature useful when your video format does not have a set width and same-sized watermarks end up looking bad on some videos.
In import options, you can now check for embed code duplicates.
Now, when you edit objects that support directories, you can now enter any directory name that will be saved as is. Before that, directory values would always be processed by verification and transliteration functions.
In tags, you can now change directories. When you modify the tag's name, the directory is not automatically changed. You need to either clear the directory field or modify it manually.
In import feeds, you can now specify the separator for list fields. Before, commas were default separators. Now you can use commas or semicolons.
In the list_albums block, the show_main_image_info parameter was added. It lets you display details related to main photos of each album in lists. Here, any formats and text descriptions are supported.
In list_videos and list_albums, the show_flags_info parameter was added. It lets you display total votes for any object flags in lists.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- When using multiple locales on a single domain, switching to the default locale would sometimes not get stored in the user session.
KVS v3.5.1
When overview screenshots are re-created in bulk, now you do not need to have source files for videos. Screenshots can be re-created using format files.
In photo album formats, you can now resize using fixed width and dynamic height.
In import feed settings, you can now set feed character encoding in case it is not UTF-8.
For CSV import feeds, you can use not just commas but also semicolons as separators in the screenshot list.
User activity was formalized as a concept, and user ranking by activity was introduced. In member area settings, you can now set a custom formula to calculate activity index. You can use a variety of criteria as variables, e.g. total uploaded videos or photo albums, total bookmarks, total comments, total member area logins etc. Activity rank shows the user position on the site according to their activity. The rank is recalculated regularly, and user profiles show current as well as previous rankings. This lets you show not just the rank but the dynamics (increasing or decreasing rank).
Sorting options were added to the list_albums block. They let you group a list of photo albums by post date, and within the date, by rating, popularity, or total photos. For videos, this option has been implemented before.
In all categorization list blocks (list of categories, models, etc) in the show_only_with_xxx parameters you can now set minimal amount of videos or photo albums. Thus, before you could only show models with videos. Now, you can show models that have at least N videos.
In the profile deletion block, users can now specify reason for deletion. You can make this field mandatory.
In the registration block, you can now automatically remember users for N days. Thus, after registration or confirmation via email users will not just be logged in, as it was previously, but also remembered.
In the user profile block, you can now display links to next and previous users. This improves navigation and is available via enabling the show_next_and_previous_info parameter in the block.
In the search_results block when displaying related queries, the current query is no more displayed.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- In photo album import, default import pattern would not be selected automatically. - When importing photos or screenshots in archives, errors would occur if files were in a folder within the archive. Now you can use such archives without errors. - When inserting new blocks to page templates via file system (not via the administration panel), these blocks would not work using AJAX queries. Caching errors would also occasionally occur. This has been fixed, and audit plugin and the site UI list show errors for these pages. Re-save these pages in the administration panel to fix this. - New iframe embed would not redirect to the own site video page if configured. - A few minor 3.5.0 issues.
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