KVS v2.3.2

25 September, 2011

Backup plugin added, which allows you to backup your database, website templates and configurations, as well as KVS system files.
We returned back the possibility to export sources for video screenshots and albums. This feature is available both for manual export module and for exporting feeds. In feeds you should enable the corresponding option in order to enable screenshots sources in this feed: otherwise feed will not expose links to screenshots sources by default.
Ability to customize how video edit page is displayed was added to personal settings in admin panel. There are 2 possible options: "full" and "desc-writer". If you choose "desc-writer" option you can edit videos with less fields; also a preview player will be displayed right a way without any additional actions.
RSS feeds import support was added. KVS will be able to parse RSS feeds, which provide links to video galleries. Galleries are web pages with a single video file or a set of video files that form a single video.
User transactions stats can now show the number of users that were redirected to payment processor as well as the number of declined transactions.
We added support for Zombaio (zombaio.com) payment processor. The integration is however in beta-testing phase.
The list of background tasks in admin panel now displays error code for tasks which ended up with error. This feature gives you ability to sort out tasks with specific errors.
Ability to search videos and albums by their website page URL was added to admin panel.
Own embed code concept was completely refactored. Now there is no need to pass video file URL and preview image URL in the embed code itself. Instead of these parameters embed code will contain only video ID, which will be used to build video file and preview image URLs at runtime. This change was implemented due to various usecases when video file URL may change for a video's embed code. For instance, you may want to display another video format file in embed codes, or you have migrated a video from one server group to another: in both cases embed codes may become invalid. This change will guarantee that such problems will never occur in the future.
Plugin added, which allows you create a video of the given duration and quality from a single image (video file will just render this image). Such video can be used in antihotlink protection settings, so that KVS will show it for users who triggered antihotlink protection.
Added support for swiftwill CDN streaming.
Added ability to show separately men / women in website's models lists.
Few small corrections and bugs.
Uhiuus KVS 6.2.0 on siin Telli kohe