KVS v3.8.5

05 August, 2016

Video and photo content grabber plugin was added, together with several grabbers for popular tube sites. Each grabber can obtain the fullest possible range of content attributes from the site that are supported by KVS (categories, models, tags, ratings, views, upload date). In grabber settings, you can select which attributes should be copied. Also, you can choose the content submission type: download, embed code, or pseudo-video. With downloads, you will also be able to choose the best format (720p, 480p etc), if the source site supports multiple quality formats. In addition to grabbers built for specific sites, KVS also supports default photo and video grabbers that are able to locate content on virtually any site, provided links to photos and videos are openly available in the page's HTML code. These grabbers have limited functionality: they can only detect title, description, and the content item itself, as they are not designed to understand any specific HTML structure. Similar grabbing features have been previously used in KVS for FHG imports. Now, these have been completely replaced with grabbers.
Almost all grabbers can process not just individual pages with content, but content lists split into pages. For instance, you want to add 1,000 top rated videos from a site. Now, all you need to do is specify the link to the first page of that list and the number 1,000. KVS will go page to page until 1,000 links have been processed. In the grabber plugin, there is a simplified import interface. There, you can add links to individual content items as well as to various content lists together with number of items. Now you can add tens of thousands of content items to KVS in a very easy way. You can specify any lists, categories, search results, any kind of sorting. Just copy the list URL from your browser. If the grabber supports lists, it will add the amount of content you want to add using your criteria.
The grabber plugin also has the autopilot feature. You can configure it for each grabber separately. All the things you can do in manual import mode, you can set up in the autopilot mode. You can use the manual import to import the initial content database and then feed the same lists to the autopilot so that it adds new content that shows up in these lists later.
Grabbers are still in beta for now, so we hope for your patience and understanding. The grabber plugin supports automated grabber updates from our repository. You can also use new grabbers without updating your version of KVS. That's right, you can use newly released grabbers right after we add them. Please get in touch with the support department if you want us to add new grabbers or if you want us to add a grabber for your site. This could help you distribute your embed codes from other KVS users. We will not add grabbers for KVS-based sites unless the site owner contacts us.
Background content import system has been fully revamped. Earlier, each import launched a background process. It could crash because of an error related to the cURL library in the operating system. Now, import-related background processes are launched differently. KVS monitors each process and relaunches the ones that crash automatically. Moreover, in import settings, you can set up the number of processes, thus configuring parallel import with just a single click. In previous versions, you would need to launch several import processes manually if you wanted them to work simultaneously.
You can now check the admin area for details on all imports, including active and completed ones. For each import, you can see the data imported. You can also launch an import with the same parameters in just one click.
PayPal have been added as payment processors with support for tokens and trial access.
Now users can send tokens to other users as a gift. This feature can be used as a 'donate' contribution sent by visitors to support uploaders.
In stop words, you can now use masks with *. This lets you add words with partial match.
In personal admin settings, you can now configure the way scheduler dates are displayed on the start page as well as choose whether to show latest or upcoming dates.
Category and model selectors in the admin panel no longer display synonyms when selected. Only names of categories and models are displayed. This also let us activate search through synonyms in the tag selector.
When checking new content, you now have protection against accidents when using the 'also delete other non-approved videos / albums from this user' option. Now this can be applied to 30 videos / albums max as in certain situations it can delete the entire content database if it was imported with the 'needs approval' flag. If you would like to increase this limit, please contact the support department.
Export feeds now have the skip parameter that lets you skip N videos from the start of the feed.
In site settings you can now configure whether disabled content is available via direct URLs or not. Earlier disabled content was always available via direct URLs. Now you can enable it to return 404 errors. ATTENTION! This behavior is now set by default in all new KVS installations.
In feedback messages, more metadata is now saved, including user browser and device as well as the URL from which the feedback form was opened.
The token flow block (list_members_tokens) now supports filtering by payouts. A user can now see the list of payouts that have been made, and display awards for each payout. This feature also lets you show awards that have not yet been paid out.
In the list_members (list of members) block, you can now apply filters by all custom user fields.
In the list_models (list of models) and list_content_sources (list of content sources), you can now use sorting by screenshots. It lets you display objects with uploaded screenshots first.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- In new ffmpeg versions, SAR of the source file would not be detected correctly.
- When deleting content purchased by a user in the admin panel, the purchase would not be reset.
- An issue with saving import schemes could lead to saved schemes being overwritten or modified.
- An issue in ccbill denial processing.
Zupełnie nowy KVS 6.2.0 jest już dostępny Zamów teraz