Default theme redesign available

20 November, 2018

We are happy to announce FREE redesign of KVS default theme that can be used by everyone. In this theme update we updated just styles only, introducing modern look and bigger screenshot sizes, but at the same time we left template and HTML structure intact, so that any KVS project installed ~ during the last 2 years can be updated (you can find more info in the update instructions).

However please note that theme update is not the same smooth procedure as KVS version update, where we can guarantee no issues after the update. Theme update, even such minor as just styles, may cause your site to be rendered incorrectly. Therefore you should agree with that risk and you should be ready to rollback style changes if needed.

Besides styling update we also added another extremely awaited feature - ability to show video previews on mobile devices.

You can take a look at the updated theme here:

Please find the update procedure on theme forum: Restyling of the default theme.

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