New Year special from Kernel Video Sharing!

23 December, 2015

Order KVS ULTIMATE before Jan 20, 2016, and get:
- Open source PHP code for free! (save 300$)
- New Ultimate theme for free! (save 100$)
- Data migration from other engines for free! (save 100$)
We would like to thank all our clients and partners for your trust and support!
In the admin panel, all lists in posts, memberzone and channels / series have been reworked. Now you can select columns to be displayed, and filter sets have been improved as well.
In posts in the side menu of the administration panel, you can now see individual lists for posts of different types. Each list can be configured in its own way. For this update to take effect, you need to add this rule to your /admin/.htaccess file: RewriteRule ^posts_for_(.*)\.php$ posts_for_types.php?post_type_external_id=$1 [L,QSA]
The concept of object search in the admin panel is now different. Most lists now let you choose which of their data fields to search through. payment aggregator is now supported.
In import feeds, you can now disable adding videos with titles that already exist. Also, for every feed, you can now allow adding videos that have been previously added and then were deleted. Before, import feeds would never let you re-add videos that have been deleted. This had to be solved by changing the prefix of the duplicates.
Data migration plugin was added. It helps you connect migrator scripts to move data from other sites to KVS. Also, you can use to migrate categorization from other KVS sites to your copy of KVS. You could not do that before. We have already built migrator scripts for a few of other content management systems. If you have sites powered by scripts that are no longer maintained and supported, we can easily add a migrator for your script type and thus let you move your content to a KVS site.
We changed the way KVS packages work. Now, when you are using basic KVS packages, you see fully functional filler blocks instead of the blocks that are missing. With new themes, it will let you use their templates without removing the features not supported by your KVS package. You can just disable the features in theme settings. Thus, when you upgrade to a more advanced KVS package, you will have all the features without having to make adjustments.
Player ad features have been improved. Now, the system stores impression and click stats for all HTML player ads. Also, you can configure background color for HTML ads. Before, it used to be black only. You can also make the size of the ad adjust itself to the size of the player (responsive ads).
In player settings, you can now disallow showing the player to users with Adblock enabled. You can show a static HTML code instead, asking users to disable the plugin. Please note that certain 3rd party ad providers (exoclick etc) can be blocked automatically if the ad code contains a link to their site. We recommend that you check this yourself and contact your ad providers for the most updated ad codes.
In embed player settings, you can now configure a separate template for situations when a video is being processed or has been deleted. Previously, in this situation the embed code would always return error 404.
Groups of channels (TV series) now support extra fields.
In the admin panel, you can now sort videos in playlists, episodes in seasons, and seasons in TV series manually.
For playlists, you can now configure the playlist page pattern on the site.
In video and album export, you can now export ZIP archives for those screenshot and album formats for which creation of them is enabled.
In the audit plugin, there are new content check features: in videos, you can now check whether the embed codes are working (only for codes that return the 404 error) and hotlinked files. Also, you can now check whether all files of other objects (posts, categorization, users) exist.
In the backup plugin, you can now disable content backups when automated backups are created.
In site page performance monitoring, information on memory used to generate a page is now collected.
In KVS admin settings, you can now limit their access to inactive content only.
In billing, manual transactions now can have descriptions.
In feedback, users now can enter message subject that will be used as subject in the email response.
In video view (video_view) and album view blocks (album_view), you now have the administrator flag value.
Content source (content_source_view), model (model_view) and channel or season of a TV series (dvd_view) view blocks now check whether the directory is valid and redirect users to a corrected link if directory is invalid. Also, in these blocks you now have parameters that let you display next and previous items.
In category list (list_categories) and model list (list_models) blocks, you can now use parameters that let you enable display video and album duplicates if such selection is enabled for each category or model element. Previously, duplicates would always be excluded, which sometimes led to empty lists of related videos or albums for some list elements.
In the playlist list block (list_playlists), you can now display playlists 'related' to the current video. Essentially, it's a list of playlists where this video is included.
In the user subscription list (list_members_subscriptions), you can now filter the list items by subscription type: content providers, users etc.
In site debugger, you can now also see the variables with empty values. Previously, they would not be shown.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- The maximum video duration limit of 4 hours was removed.
- In video export and export feeds, in the description field, line breaks are replaced with spaces.
- After version 3.8.1, the backup plugin stopped deleting old copies.
- In import feeds, a video with empty categories would sometimes receive the categories of the previous video.
- After the format file was re-created or uploaded, video duration would sometimes not update.
- Uploading files via link would not work with some wget library bundles.
- In stats, links to detailed referrer stats would sometimes work incorrectly.
- In posts, date of last view would not refresh.
- The conversion engine stopped returning an error when a video format with specified duration limits could not be created. Now, it creates a format with maximum duration allowed.
- False audit plugin errors would be returned if the CDN management script returned links without specifying protocol.
- Command+S would not work for saving forms in Mac OS.
- In the player, when auto-playback was on, the control panel would not hide until you moved the mouse over it.
- In full text search through videos and albums, search through extra fields would not work.
Жаңа KVS 6.2.0 осында Қазір тапсырыс беріңіз