KVS v2.0.3

31 October, 2010

The mechanism of video balancing between multiple servers (CDN) was slightly changed. Now the same video is downloaded from the same server within 5 minutes. Thus the distribution of video download changes every 5 minutes. It is done in order to further accelerate download of video content, as downloading the same video from a single server we increase the probability of usage of local nginx and operating system cache and reduce load on hard drives.
Separate RSS feeds were added for videos by categories and videos by tags.
The feature of mass change of the video rating was added to mass edit.
The feature was added to video import to set content source globally for all imported videos.
Video flagging was added. You can create any number of flags, and for each video you can vote for one of the flags. For every flag you can specify after which number of votes it shall display a warning on start page. You can also turn on the display of information about flags in separate columns of videos list in admin panel (this can be enabled in personal settings, where video list columns are configured).
CCbill billing support was added.
Few small corrections and bugs.
Жаңа KVS 6.2.0 осында Қазір тапсырыс беріңіз