KVS v3.6.0

22 September, 2014

The way KVS performs with HTTPS has been thoroughly tested and necessary fixes have been made. We recommend considering launching new sites with HTTPS version only. It may improve your search engine rankings.
Major improvements in list_videos and list_albums blocks:
- The logic of dynamic filters (by category, tag etc.) has been fully rewritten. Now the filters are a lot faster, which will be especially noticeable on sites with 50+ thousand content items. - Dynamic filters by lists of tags, models, content sources etc. have been added. Before, only category lists could be used in filters. Use new parameters var_tag_ids, var_model_ids, var_content_source_ids etc. to use these filters. - You can now show related videos or albums per user, i.e. show other videos or albums created by the same user as current video or album. - You can now show (or hide) only videos or albums from certain users or models. - Search results can now be dynamically sorted using all the supported methods. Before, with full text index search, you could only sort the results by relevancy.
In language satellite configuration, you can now enable filtering by translated content. It lets you display only videos and albums that have translated titles for the current locale (description translations are not taken into account).
In language satellite configuration, you can now enable selecting directories for all languages. You may need this to link pages in different languages between each other correctly in case separate directories are enabled in language settings. As different languages may have different directories, links to the same page in different languages may be different as well.
When background tasks are completed, actual time it took the engine to complete them is now logged. Previously, completion duration was merely the difference between starting and completion times. This could be inaccurate as tasks may be sometimes queued for a while. Now, the engine analyzes only the actual time required to complete the task on the primary server: copying the task to a conversion server + processing results + the time it took the conversion server to finish the task.
File uploads have been switched to HTML5 File API. Now, separate progress bar module for Nginx is not required. Also, displaying errors related to the size of the files being uploaded is now smoother.
When CDN storage servers are connected to a local directory, KVS now shows disk space stats. Previously, these figures would not be analyzed for CDN servers.
If an embed code in import data or import feeds is a URL, it will be automatically enclosed in iframe tag.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- If the number of screenshots in the settings was too big for the duration of a video, identical screenshots would be created. - When displaying ads assigned to categories, these ads would be shown even when the page contained no info related to categories. Now, ads with such limitations will not be shown. - Import feeds would sometimes create category and model duplicates when several feeds were working simultaneously. - If date and posting time randomization was disabled in import settings, items would be added with current date and 00:00:00 time instead of the actual server time. - In the admin panel, videos with narrow width would prevent the player from displaying correctly. - Comments would not be displayed if match_locale parameter is enabled in comments block.
Due to major changes in KVS, the update will go public at least in a month. If you need to update ASAP, please contact our support department. Updating will reset your list_videos and list_albums cache, which may generate considerable server load if you have big traffic.
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