Version 3.4.2 is available for update

18 March, 2014

KVS v3.4.2
Memory usage during export was optimized. Before, exporting large amounts of data could lead to a memory shortage error.
Video and photo album search in administration panel now also searches through extra customization fields.
You can now display extra customization fields in video and photo album lists in the administration panel.
You can now set priority for background tasks.
You can now use the popularity field (total views) in import, export, and also in feeds.
In mass editing, you can now assign popularity within a custom range to all selected objects.
In mass editing, you can now set or remove the 'needs review' flag.
In import feeds, users are now supported as feed data.
In flag settings, you can now enable creating member area events when certain flags are used for voting.
For descriptions and custom fields, advanced HTML editor was added that replaces text areas with HTML editables. To enable this, contact the support department after you update your copy of KVS.
In export, you can now display links to viewing pages for all satellites linked to your main site. For this to function correctly, your satellites need to be updated as well.
Conversion engine is now optimized to handle large task queues better.
Administration panel now handles photo albums better. Slideshows on thumbnail clicks were added.
A range of video player and video player settings tweaks:
- You can now assign a logo to video content providers and position it as a top or bottom bar. You can use this to cover the video file watermarks with your custom clickable logos. The logo size is adjusted according to the way the video is resized. The behavior is the same for full screen videos. Using this feature will help you improve your monetization when showing affiliate program videos.
- In player settings, you can now disable poster scaling.
- In player settings, you can now disable popup ad scaling.
- The player's HTML5 version no longer draws the central playback button, relying on internal system features instead.
- Forward and back buttons now let skip through the video.
The ways lists of categories, tags and models of a video or album are displayed on the site and inside the admin panel were unified. Now this content is displayed on the site in exactly the way it was added in the admin panel.
In the list_comments block, you can now configure sorting; for example you can sort comments by likes.
In list_videos and list_albums, you can now set a static bookmark type (similar to the var_fav_type parameter). Before, bookmark type could only be sent via request parameters.
For paged lists on the site, you can now display leading to previous and next pages, in accordance with Google guidelines. You can find the links required for that in $storage of each list block for which pagination is enabled.
When displaying related videos / albums by categories, you can set the group of categories to be used (new parameter mode_related_category_group_id).
In the photo album creation block, you can now set the minimal photos threshold. Please pay attention that after you enable this, you will also need to make changes in the block template. This does not happen automatically during update.
In global_stats, there is now a variable that displays total duration of all videos in hours.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- The player's mobile version would not function correctly when a dynamic bitrate limit was set in video format settings.
- In searching through content using a string, when search through categories, tags and models is enabled, all found categories, tags and models are considered. Previously, only first category, tag or model that was found would be used. There can be several of these due to synonyms.
- During manual screenshot creation, crop settings would be applied twice, because of global settings and settings on the screenshot creation page.
- The conversion engine now does not return error 10 in a range of situations (errors when creating screenshots from videos).
- In certain situations, videos of optional formats would not be created if copying content to storage servers was enabled in conversion server settings.
- When uploading files from URLs, request parameters would be clipped in certain situations.
- In the Russian language version of the administration panel, fractional numbers would be rounded when saving them to the database.
- A few minor player-related issues.
KVS v3.4.1
The conversion engine was optimized so that it does not rely on FTP as much when copying source files to the conversion servers. A new setting lets conversion servers download files from the primary server. This may drastically improve engine speed on primary server when you are using several conversion servers, as source file downloads will be parallel.
Vertical videos created with mobile devices rotated at 90 degrees are now supported.
Lists of videos, photo albums, and posts in the admin panel can now display only entities that either have already been published, or have not yet been published (taking into account their status and posting date).
Conversion server lists now features mass operations that let you delete, activate, and deactivate multiple servers. Also, you can now enable automated script API updates. This will update the API on your servers to newer versions as long as such versions exist.
The list_videos block now supports sorting by release year.
The video_view and album_view blocks now let you specify the bookmark group a video or album belong to (KVS supports up to 10 bookmark groups).
In video_view, album_view, and post_view you can now display category group details when displaying categories.
User session details now include video and album bookmark totals.
You can now disable click processing in video, album, or post stats when a page with this content is loaded. To do this, you will need to send no_stats=true to page parameters.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- Background task of new screenshot format creation does not stop on errors anymore. Instead, it keeps working and displays an error log in the end.
- In some situations task folders on conversion servers could not be deleted.
- Pagination for list block with pseudo-random sorting could not be enabled.
- The 'up to' filter by release date did not include the top value, but now it does.
- Automated model, tag, and category selection plugins did not process queries with different case correctly.
- In random_video, sorting by rating/popularity for today did not work in the same way as list sorting.
- In export feeds, the embed code would not be included in the iframe.
- In personal settings, you could only enable the video player on video editing page in the Ultimate package.
- Directory access permissions would not be checked correctly when editing a post.
- With PHP < 5.3, importing would not run.
- Sorting by rating for a certain period would not include number of votes, only the total rating.
- A few pseudo-errors in template caching check were fixed.
- Randomization of alternative domain names in screenshot serving would not work correctly.
- In the feed export menu, links would not work correctly.
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