KVS v4.0.4 update is available for download

22 October, 2018

You can find full information about the update on KVS forum: KVS 4.0.4 update

What's new in 4.0.4:

Bugs that have been fixed:

  1. Player not working on new Android 9 phones. This issue is critical and affects all KVS versions starting from 3.9.0.
  2. Push notifications JS file updated as required by advertiser.
  3. Grabbers plugin will show better progress indicator when grabbing a big set of videos or albums from a single list URL.
  4. Background tasks that deleted video format or timeline screenshots iterated through all videos and could result in long operation time for slow storage server connection.
  5. Removed 200 characters limit when configuring storage servers load balancing by countries.
Das brandneue KVS 6.2.0 ist da Jetzt bestellen