KVS v2.2.1

22 April, 2011

In some website blocks the feature was added to display a tree structure of videos: by categories, models and content sources. Thus, for example, you can display a list of content sources and show N videos with desired sorting for each content source (rated by popularity, by rotator, etc.). Similarly, you can do for categories and models.
SMS billing smspay.lenden.ru is connected.
The feature to specify the size and skin for the player at video export was added for embed codes that are generated for your videos by exporting. It is useful to you if you use your embed codes on other projects: different projects can require embed codes with different sizes of the player and even with different skins.
The feature to look at results of recent audits (up to 7 days ago) appeared in audit plugin. This is done in order not to wait until the end of current audit (full audit may take several hours), but easily run it, close the page and open it in some time to see the result.
Minor additions to comments and website events were made. The option to display user sex was added everywhere (for a comment or an event).
It is now possible to skip the first feed line in CSV feeds. Some websites give CSV feeds with the header line that lists the names of columns and their order. The option which skips the header line is designed to support such feeds.
Export feed usage is expanded. If previously feeds could transfer only the information about videos that you were hosting, now hotlinked videos get into export feeds, as well as pseudo-videos and embed codes. This allows you to fully synchronize the content between your projects.
At the page with video screenshots, the tick was added for simultaneous selection of all screenshots for deletion. This is useful if you delete more screenshots, than you leave – in this case, it will be quicker to select all at once and manually deselect only those screenshots that you want to leave.
The feature to move public videos to private videos and vice versa was added to mass edit.
A block parameter, which allows to show only those videos that have a file of the specified format, was added to list_videos block.
Allocation of new tasks by conversion servers is randomized. If previously the tasks were added to conversion server in turn up to the limit completion of each server, now the tasks are spread out randomly.
Few small corrections and bugs.
Das brandneue KVS 6.2.0 ist da Jetzt bestellen