KVS v2.0.4

15 November, 2010

Epoch billing support was added.
Importing video feeds were added. Importing feeds allow you to schedule and automate video import by using the feeds provided by third-parties. KVS supports several feed formats: KVS (xml), SmartScripts (xml) and CSV (ability to configure columns and separator). Besides that you can configure different video adding modes (such as embed codes, hotlink videos, download videos and store them), screenshots creation modes (use feeds screenshots or create own screenshots).
A new plugin was added to create category avatars based on videos in these categories on scheduled basis.
Video mass edit was extended to provide ability to reset a video flag for the selected videos.
Videos list block was tweaked to provide info about video formats for every video in the list.
Cron related overload protection stopped warn you on start page and only logs itself in stats.
Few small corrections and bugs.
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