KVS v2.3.1

18 August, 2011

Conversion engine was changed to ffmpeg 0.8. The concept of watermark overlaying was changed in this library version. In connection with this you shall also update ffmpeg to a new version (not less than 0.8) during KVS upgrade.
Additional option of video resize was added to video format settings, which allows you to select either the preservation of the original video ratio (as it always worked previously), or crop video to correct ratio. This option is important for formats that you plan to use for mobile devices, and which shall have a fixed size regardless of original video file ratio.
The feature to limit download speed of video files of a format was added to video format settings. Use cases may be: limit download speed of free videos, limit download speed of videos being watched through embed code, limit download speed of videos, which are allowed to be hotlinked by partners, etc. Speed limit will only work if videos are streamed using nginx.
The concept of conditionally-optional video formats was introduced. Conditionally-optional formats unlike merely optional formats may be created automatically, but only in cases where the source video allows creating such format based on its duration and size. For example, you want all the videos to be in 3 different size formats: SD, HD and Full HD. For example, not all of your sources allow you to create Full HD format. You can make this format conditionally-optional, and as a result it will only be created with those sources that allow it, and will not be created with others.
Cropping settings were added to photo albums and the feature to configure the level of user access to photo sources (previously, only the administrator had the access to photo sources). Thus, you can display photo sources at the website as one of photo album formats.
The feature to display geometric size of photos and their file size on disk was added to photo albums. This is true for any format of photo albums.
The feature to display only videos which screenshots were rotated by rotator was added to list_videos block.
The feature to respond to a feedback message from admin panel was added.
The feature to assign the group of content sources appeared for individual website users, where they can add their own videos or photos. This is done mainly for the convenience of webmasters, who add their own videos / photos from your website, so that they could tie videos / photos to their content sources only and find them in the list quicker (the list will contain only content sources from the group that was selected for this webmaster).
JavaScript callback was added to the player that is invoked when the player is loaded.
Few small corrections and bugs.
Pavisam jaunais KVS 6.2.0 ir klāt Pasūtiet tūlīt