KVS v1.3 - new features

24 April, 2009

Premium users and premium videos were added. Now, Kernel Video Sharing can power a site with a subscription-based area where premium videos are available only to premium users, like it is on our demo site now. This is not it: you can create any relations between premium users and site videos you want.
In the video_view block, you can now set up limitations on total videos viewed per a period of time. You can set up 3 limitations: for unlogged users (e.g. asking them to log in or register to watch more than 3 videos per day), for standard users (e.g. asking them to purchase a premium membership) and for premium users as well, if you want.
Now anonymous, unregistered users can leave comments. This can be disabled or enabled in the comments block settings.
Global video view stats can now be checked, and no-referrer incoming traffic is now counted as well (i.e. bookmarkers).
The video list block was improved: now it can show information on the video's content source (sponsor) for each and every video. Also, this block can now display all videos related to a chosen content source.
A block with a customizable list of content sources (sponsors) was added.
The concept of referrers was revamped, and now they are treated more like traders. You can set up a trader's title, description, and a link where the traffic will be sent. In the coming version, we will add the top referrers block which can be used to set up traffic trade.
The demo website HTML layout concept was improved. Block templates used in multiple places (like video list or paging) were moved to separate components (includes). No templates are now duplicated, so it now takes less time to integrate your custom design.
New photo album features were added. Finally, rating and comments are now available for every individual picture.
The maximum possible rating is increased to 10 from 5.
The administration panel start page was updated.
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