Version 3.3.1 is available for update

06 August, 2013

Conversion engine now supports source files with non-standard Pixel Aspect Ratio values typical e.g. for videos recorded from TV broadcasts.
In content settings, you can now set a postfix for videos and photo albums that have duplicate names. When processing new content, the engine will check for duplicate names and add postfixes with index numbers to names that already exist.
In lists of categorization objects, the administration panel now features a column showing total related content (videos and photo albums in a specific category, or with a specific tag etc.) and lets you sort the items.
Screenshots with non-fixed sizes are now supported in screenshot resize settings. Their size depends on the aspect ratio of the source video file. Previously, you could only create fixed size screenshots.
In list_videos and list_albums, the var_category_ids parameter now has more complex logic. The parameter lets you send multiple category ID lists using the | separator that stands for logical AND. You can use it to configure advanced search using category checkboxes. For example, you can search for all movies in the Thrillers (ID=1) or Crime (ID=2) categories released in 2012 (ID=10) or 2013 (ID=11). To do this, use this (1,2)|(10,11) as HTTP parameter value for var_category_ids. This string will return videos that belong to either category 1 or category 2, and at the same time belong to category 10 or 11.
In all blocks, sorting by title is now not case sensitive.
In multi-server configuration, you can now set the FTP connection port when it is different from 21.
In content settings, check that compares the size of video screenshots and album photos uploaded via the administration panel to the format settings can now be disabled. By default, all uploaded images are checked for compatibility with the maximum sizes of the formats you configured. So, if 800x600 is set as the size for your format, you will not be able to upload smaller images when this check is enabled.
In site configuration, session duration for the administration panel can now be set independently from PHP environment variables. Contact the support department if you need to use this feature.
In the content statistics plugin, total used disk space is now shown for the primary server and for storage servers.
In export feeds, you can now use a channel filter using the feed’s HTTP parameters.
In site UI settings, a field letting you customize URL pattern for search result pages was added. If this is specified, the search statistics will show links for each search query.
In search statistics, information on total videos and albums found for each search query is now gathered. Requests for which nothing was found will not be shown in search_results block.
In search_results block, you can now set min and max length of search queries to be shown.
In video and album viewing blocks, you can now show whether the current item is bookmarked by the current user or not. Previously this feature was not available because of caching issues.
Video player usability when playing back MP4 files has been improved. Previously, the player did not show any progress in % before video metadata were loaded. With longer MP4 videos, metadata parts can be several megabytes in size and take longer to load.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- Starting from version 3.3.0, in some cases the player did not resize the video to full screen correctly.
- When processing album galleries, photo availability check is not run when the server does not support HEAD requests. Previously this check would return errors even when photos were available.
- In import feeds, video title was a required parameter even if the video was inactive. This requirement was removed.
- In video and photo album import, category names could not contain commas as commas were used as category separators. You can now force the use of commas by placing a slash (/) before them.
- The remote_control.php control script uploaded to storage servers now detects disk space more accurately when mounted directories are used.
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