Welcome to the official site for KERNEL VIDEO SHARING!

Kernel Video Sharing is a pro level video content management and community site engine. With KVS, you can launch video-based sites of virtually any kind: tubes, tube site networks, youtube clones, CJ-tubes, paid access member area sites, video sharing or community sites, video plugins for portals and message boards - and much more!

Why Kernel Video Sharing?

200+ million page loads every day served by KVS worldwide;

7+ years of development and support, 30+ updates;

8+ KVS sites in Alexa World Top 1000;

Powering sites with up to 10 million daily page loads;

Used by Croc Network, Bravo Media Group, Royal Cash, Serious Partners, Tube Alliance, Idol Bucks, Tony Bucks, Bucks Factory and more;

Uninterrupted support + 100% open source php code = your confidence about the future!

Unparalleled Speed and Performance

In KVS, the kernel and all components are fully optimized to handle large workload. Add the unique two-level caching engine and overload protection module, and you get software which can power sites with virtually any amounts of traffic. Learn more now!

One-of-a-kind Site Builder

KVS offers a built-in page builder which lets you create and customize any pages with any content. No PHP experience required whatsoever. You will always be able to build a unique, fully customizable site and maintain it easily. Learn more now!

Full Multi-Format Support for Videos

KVS offers extensive possibilities of creating video files of any format with plenty of options and limits to choose from. Access to these videos can be customized as well. Multiple formats are available not just for the videos, but for the screenshots and album thumbnails, too. Learn more now!

Two-level Video Rotation

KVS offers a built-in video rotator which detects video screenshots with the highest CTR as well as videos with the highest CTR in your entire database. With this information, your site's productivity can be boosted dramatically. Learn more now!

Advanced Social and Community Features

From user accounts, uploading and managing videos and photos plus messaging other users and friending them to posting personal content, using walls, feeds and comments for every content item, KVS is ready to turn your visitors into excited regulars with its social features. Learn more now!

Open Source Code

KVS lets you modify the source code the way you need. Even more features, flexibility and ways to succeed! What is more, KVS is built in such a way so that you can easily connect most of your new features with the software's default functionality.

Multi-Server Support

All serious sites require multi-server hosting. Thus you can deliver video content in a fast and balanced way and distribute heavy workload processes of video conversion across multiple conversion servers. KVS lets you do that smoothly. Learn more now!

Maximized Monetization

KVS has plenty of features to help you monetize your site better. Set up ads for affiliate programs supplying the content, publish site reviews, use the slots available in the KVS video player to display ads, on your site and in your videos as well, through embedding. Learn more now!

Member Area and Paid Subscriptions

With KVS, you can easily build a feature-rich paid member area with extensive multi-level user right management. Whether you charge your users via SMS or card payments, KVS offers seamless integration with any payment processing script. Learn more now!

Categories, Tags, Models, Programs, DVDs

Structure and build your site the way you want. KVS supports categorization, sorting and grouping by categories, tags, affiliate programs, models, DVDs or channels. Build full-featured category pages, model, program and DVD section - and more! Learn more now!

Content Management Made Super Easy

Helping you manage content in the easiest possible way has always been our ultimate goal. This is not just about the handy manual video adding form. This is also about powerful import and export features, automated feed importing, mass editing, automated video and screenshot and video cropping, feed management plus a lot more. Learn more now!

Build Site Networks

Use the same content database to build a network of sites without having to publish duplicate content. Other options are also possible, e.g. connecting sites through feeds.

Regular Updates and Efficient Support

Customer feedback helps us improve KVS and add new features right when the market starts wanting them.

There's More!

You saw only a few from the advantages KVS has to offer. There's a lot more! The sections of our site will let you find out more about the features and packages KVS has. Welcome!