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Responsive Search Engine Friendly
Adaptive KVS theme, highly optimized for tablets and mobile devices, which is proven by 100% Google Performance Index. This theme supports ajax mode for lists and videos, at the same time replacing URLs in address bar and thus keeping standard navigation fully functional. Any page can be open both via ajax or via its own URL. When opening videos users can use next and previous navigation buttons to watch videos from the currently active list without the need to return back to it, and this will also consider list pagination as well - at any time user can open one video and watch all videos in this list by using only next and previous buttons. Clicking at one of the player related videos will switch navigation to the related videos.
Tablet theme 1
Responsive Search Engine Friendly Retina Ready Content Filter
Simple lightweight theme for basic tube sites and CJ tubes. Supports 4 skins and 10 languages. Supports modern AJAX pagination and sorting in lists, which can be switched off optionally. Fully adopted for good SEO coverage.
Basic theme1
Responsive Search Engine Friendly
Unique paysite theme highly adopted for good conversion and rebills ratio. Supports 3 types of users: guests, free or trial users and premium users, and provides ability to limit content access and site behavior for them. Free / trial members can be limited with the max number of content they can access. Memberzone features autoplayable playlists, favourite videos / albums / models and easy navigation between them. Theme supports 10 languages, which will make your website even more pleasurable for members from all over the world.
Paysite theme 1
Responsive Search Engine Friendly Supports Trials Flexible Access Limits
Coming soon
Responsive Search Engine Friendly
Coming soon
Responsive Search Engine Friendly
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