KVS v2.4.4

15 June, 2012

There is a new plugin which provides ability to create videos / albums based on uploaded to FTP files. We think this may be the most convenient way of creating big amounts of content. For videos you can upload standalone source files, as well as subfolders with many files which are video formats and overview screenshots. For albums you can upload standalone archives with photos, as well as subfolders with individual image files there. Plugin works in the following way. First you should upload source data into several server folders (plugin supports separate source folders for standard videos, premium videos and albums). After that you should run plugin over these source folders: plugin will analyze them and display overview of the found content. Finally after your review plugin will import the selected content.
A huge optimization was implemented for video download script with regard to the way it utilizes PHP sessions. Testing on top-traffic sites showed that sessions utilization reduced greatly after the fix.
Additional optimization was done for stats calculation.
Flagging videos and albums now allows optional text messages in addition to flag vote. Admin panel was extended to allow viewing these messages.
Video formats were extended with ability to customize watermark image for different content sources. This will allow you have different logos on videos from different sponsors.
Video formats were extended with ability to specify, which format should be used as a source for other video formats. Earlier a video format with the maximum filesize was always used. Now there is a way to force any particular format to be used as a source.
Ability to specify timezone offset was added to storage server settings. The may be useful for adding remote servers, which timezone is different from the main server's timezone - earlier it was required to configure the same timezone on all storage servers.
Videos and albums blocks (list_videos and list_albums) were enhanced with the following features: ability to display lists for particular alphabet letters, ability to display lists for several categories at the same time, ability to search on custom fields.
Video editor in admin panel was extended to select the main screenshot without need to switch to video screenshots editor.
Website search logic was changed for the search method, which searches on query components: components which are less than 2 characters are not used in search; this fix increases search results quality.
It is allowed now to completely disable rotator for a particular list_videos block.
Mass edit operations for videos and albums were extended with ability to lock the selected videos / albums from editing on website; also it became possible to run any post-processing plugins at any time (for example, tags autogeneration, synonymizer).
In models it is possible now to specify the fixed age rather than birthday. When you specify birthday, the model's age is constantly increasing when time goes, which is not desired in some cases.
Memberzone access protection was enhanced. Earlier when banned temporarily there was an email sent to member with unban link. Now member's access password is reset to a randomly-generated one, the new password is being specified in the email sent to the banned member. Due to the password change, nobody from third-party users can have access using this member's credentials. All attempts to restore account to the old password will be forbidden.
Photo albums ZIP processing improved. Photos are always extracted in the alphabetic order (in comparison to the old version, where photos extracted in the order they were added to ZIP). Also all invalid files and folders, which can be zipped accidentally, are ignored.
Audit plugin was enhanced with ability to check how each video file is served by storage servers. The existing check didn't allow that and only checked video files on HDD and their file size.
The number of custom text fields for DVDs / channels was increased to 10.
Severe player issues were fixed.
Few small corrections and bugs.
Zupełnie nowy KVS 6.2.0 jest już dostępny Zamów teraz