KVS v2.2.0

24 March, 2011

Beta-version of rotator: the feature, which everyone had been waiting for long, was finally done! In version 2.2.0 we made video rotator only, but potentially in the future we have no problem to add a rotator for photo albums, content sources, models and DVDs. Video rotator works on 2 levels: at first level, the screenshots are rotated within one video to identify the most clickable(s). You can automatically remove N of screenshots with worst CTR. At second level, the rotation is active on all videos to identify the most clickable videos among others. Details of the rotator will be available in the documentation for future versions. So far as the feature is serious and affects the very heart of the website engine, it is locked by default and will be unlocked in the future. We invite people wishing to take part in beta-testing to create tickets on this question.
Now you can hotlink your videos from other domains with conservation of antihotlink protection. This feature will allow you to quickly and cheaply create dozens of other resources through hotlinking of your own videos streamed by KVS. At that, it will be possible to hotlink only from your resources, e.g. nobody else can do it.
The feature to create clones was reworked, partially using the existing database. Let's recall that KVS allows you to create resources for a physically single database with a separate set of pages and design, as well as separate statistics. Data for videos, comments, users, etc. are common to all resources.
The plugin was added to clear smarty cache. The plugin allows you to see the size of file cache, which is used by website pages and to schedule its clearing.
Integration with smsdostup.ru billing was added.
Few corrections in embed player. The option was added in player settings to disable the feature to copy embed code for your videos at the website. Also, partnership referral parameter substitution was added to embed code that appears in the player at the website. Thus, visitors from your partner will take embed code with his referral parameter.
Now you can use the flags as a rating. You can assign weight for each flag to be added (taken away) to the rating. Thus, you can sort videos by rating obtained from flags.
The option was added to video import, which allows you to skip videos with names already existing in the database. Previously, warnings were always triggered for such videos, but they were always created that may be undesirable.
We improved the usability of screenshot selection during the manual grabbing – you can now click on thumbs and they will be selected in the same sequence as you click.
In signup block, we added the feature to check for the existence of the given login / email in database via ajax (check for duplicates).
A small API for remote user management was added to integrate with other scripts of forums / websites / partnerships. API allows you to create a user, grant premium access to the user and take away premium access. In the future, API will be extended as per your requests.
Minor player corrections. Now you can specify the algorithm of video scaling: (a) preserve aspect ratio, (b) stretch without saving ratio and (c) cut edges. This amendment is not very relevant to software (as player has the same aspect ratio as video in video_view block). But it can be useful if you show the player of a fixed size. In this case, depending on video ratio, the black bars may appear that may be undesirable.
2 extra custom fields were added to category object.
Few small corrections and bugs.
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