KVS v6.2.1 update is available for download

08 April, 2024

Please find full information about the update on KVS forum: KVS 6.2.1 update. Please give it a few more days to prepare updates for all licenses.

What's new:

  1. In video import and in grabbers plugin it is now possible to manually specify offset from beginning and end of the downloaded video files when importing them with processing. This is normally needed to cut intro of the source site.
  2. S3 storage connection was enhanced with ability to configure timeout and use path-like access points.
  3. Advertising will be able to filter out display for known SEO bots if needed.
  4. Content stats plugin now will count stats for video preview files, posters and categorization files.
  5. S3 backup option was added into Project backup plugin.
  6. Google reCAPTCHA plugin was renamed to "Captcha" and now also supports Cloudflare Turnstile captcha. Please note that activating Turnstile will require theme changes, we will highlight the needed changes in a forum post.
  7. In importing feeds it is now possible to stop running feed at any time.
  8. Added video and album stats grouping by user.
  9. Added support for displaying satellite stats in admin panel start page. In order to have this, satellites should be also updated.
  10. An option was added into storage server to skip SSL certificate validation, which may be useful in certain cases to avoid false-positive error reporting. Also false-positive errors should not appear anymore if site is protected with Basic authentication.
  11. It will now be possible to edit search queries that were submitted to your site.
  12. list_videos block can now filter videos of the specific format group, and sort videos by quality factor.
  13. Nextgen list_xxx blocks now support ability to dynamically exclude data from specific categorization by passing excluded categorization in URL parameters (for example exclude models with the given categories).

Bugs that have been fixed:

  1. [SEVERE] Dozens of bugs related to PHP 8 support.
  2. [MEDIUM] An extremely old bug was fixed, which could result in missing object data in HTML titles in some rare cases.
  3. [MEDIUM] Backup plugin settings could be reset without user consent.
  4. [LOW] Lots of small bugfixes in different areas.
Den splinternye KVS 6.2.0 er her Bestil nu