KVS v2.1.1

05 February, 2011

The number of player slots was extended from 3 to 5.
The detailed errors were added when saving storage or conversion FTP server: connection error, login error or account error.
A check to download content was added to the function to check servers in the audit plugin from all storage servers.
A block displaying a random video was added (random_video). The block allows showing one video, taken randomly according to the defined rules. For example, random video of the top 10 for today, random video of the 20 highest-rated in the category "Category", etc. – range of options is quite large.
The feature to specify the order of video processing by a feed was added to importing feeds – direct or reverse order.
The feature to take main screenshot from the feed and create the rest automatically was added to importing feeds. Previously, feed could only take one screenshot or create all the screenshots automatically.
Displaying of timeline screenshots was added to video viewing in the admin panel, if they are enabled in the player settings and exist for this video format.
A new testing option was added to audit plugin – content protection check. This option checks that all necessary protection against hotlinking and unauthorized access to the video is enabled and correctly configured in nginx configuration. In particular, checks on direct access failure to video sources and video format files are carried out. Besides checking videos KVS also similarly checks access to photo albums sources and protected formats, which should not have a possibility of direct access.
Some player problems were fixed.
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