KVS v2.0.2

11 October, 2010

The default templates were changed in order to display HTML title and description tags on videos by categories pages based on category custom fields.
VIP video and VIP users were removed, which lasted from version 1.5.0 and have not been used by customers. They were removed, because their presence complicated some aspects of new member zone and restrictions.
The feature was added to customize alternative screenshots storages and their random usage at the website. This is done to speed up website page loading with a large number of pictures, because if part of pictures is loaded from one domain (subdomain), and another part from another – this gives the visual effect of quicker website displaying.
The feature was added to bulk confirm users in the list in admin panel.
Website search statistics collection was optimized.
Few small corrections and bugs.
Tá an KVS 6.2.0 anseo Ordú Anois