Version 3.3.3 is available for update

22 September, 2013

KVS v3.3.3
English language manual on site management and configuration is now available.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- New preview screenshot re-creation task caused screenshot reset for all videos.
- Uploading a source video file in a non-streaming format prevented it from being copied to storage servers.
- Invalid xbill behavior with some prefixes.
KVS v3.3.2
Support for configuring additional content publishing delay was added. This makes sense for projects that use rsync to copy video screenshots to remote server(s). In this case you can specify a delay and stay sure that all screenshots are accessible when new video appears on site.
In language settings it is possible now to configure localization areas (title only or both title and description) for different types of objects. Previously, this option was global for all object types.
Photo albums now support administrator flags in the same way as videos do.
Content import was enhanced with ability to specify categories per categories groups in different data fields. This feature is extremely useful if you use advanced categorization with category groups. Previously when any of the specified categories do not exist, they were auto-created with empty category group. Now if you specified them in data fields specific to category groups, new categories will be created in these groups.
In random_video block show_content_sources / skip_content_sources and show_dvds / skip_dvds parameters were added allowing you to filter a random video by a fixed set of content sources or channels.
In list_models block, you can now disable search on description field by using the new search_scope block parameter.
In list_videos, list_albums and list_content blocks search_scope parameter was extended with additional option in order to completely disable search on content title and description fields. In this case content will be searched on connected tags, categories and etc. if the corresponding enable_search_on_xxx parameters have been enabled.
You can now configure search_results block not to include queries, which produced results count less than the value configured in the new query_results_min parameter.
On KVS website we added brand new player configurator with easy steps to configure HTML advertising. If you use our player on your other projects - don't miss its new features! KVS 3.4.0 will provide the same in player settings soon.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- Incorrect watermarking behavior on newer ffmpeg versions for re-sized video formats. In order this fix to be applied you should make sure that all your conversion servers have API version >= 3.3.2.
- When uploading files with non-standard SAR directly as video formats invalid handling occurred. In order this fix to be applied you should make sure that all your conversion servers have API version >= 3.3.2.
- Empty results in search_results block if pagination and any filtering were enabled.
- Sorting content by today's rating or popularity produced poor results at the beginning of every day.
全新 KVS 6.2.0 现已推出 立即订购