KVS v3.2.0

30 April, 2013

KVS v3.2.0
Basic subscription functionality was added, now letting users subscribe to channels or other users. In the list_videos and list_album blocks, there is a new mode now that displays content from subscriptions. Also, a block called list_members_subscriptions was added. It displays a list of your or any user’s subscriptions and lets you manage them.
Splitting DVDs / channels into groups is now available. This new feature introduces a full-featured three-tier content structure, e.g. TV Show > Seasons > Episodes. Now you can use groups of channels / DVDs as TV Shows; these support screenshots of 2 sizes and can be displayed separately on your site as a list (the list_dvds_groups block) and as a viewing page (the dvd_group_view block).
The synonymizer plugin was reworked to make entering synonyms easier. Now, a single dictionary string can just list words that are synonyms for each other, and the plugin will replace them within their groups. This makes building a thesaurus for your site much simpler.
In video and photo album mass editing, you now can change the content author to an author in the list that was randomly selected.
There are now 5 dynamic HTTP parameters.
In the administration panel, there are now more columns in the user list. You can adjust the way user lists are displayed in personal settings.
On the video / photo album editing pages in the administration panel, the status drop-down list was replaced with active / inactive checkbox.
Searching templates in the administration panel now includes block configuration parameters as well. So, searching for a parameter will get you all blocks on all pages where this parameter is enabled. Parameter values are also searchable now.
When background tasks of creating new screenshot or photo album formats are deleted, shutdown is forced. Before, if such a task was started, it was active until finished (or until an error occurred) even if the task was deleted. Now, deleting a task should cancel it.
New plugin was added, letting you calculate the disk space used by different content files.
In the administration panel, installation details now include % of memcache usage.
Additional file fields were added to content provider, with as many as 10 fields there now.
Support of the pre_initialize_page_code.php script was added to site engine. This script is launched when the engine starts and lets you replace GET parameters values of which influence the way site caching works. You can use this feature to show different variants of a page to users by replacing a parameter in a GET request, depending on the value of a user session flag.
The var_items_per_page parameter was added to all list blocks. Enable this to dynamically adjust the number of elements on a page in lists.
In the list_videos and list_albums blocks, the var_category_group_ids parameter is now supported. It lets you dynamically send list of category groups content from which you want to display. You can use it to hide certain categories in certain situations, e.g. hide adult-only content.
When the list_videos and list_albums blocks display content of multiple categories or groups of categories via the var_category_ids or var_category_group_ids parameters, you can now use the AND logic instead of the default OR logic. To do so, you need to send the 'all' keyword as one of the list elements.
Impressions of album photos are now counted if they are opened on different pages (if they are dynamically loaded on a single page only the impression of the main album photo will be counted). This impression statistics can be used in the list_album_images block for sorting.
Blocks displaying lists of videos, photo albums, and models now support the search_redirect_disabled parameter that lets you disable the redirect which happens by default if search results feature only 1 element. Enable this parameter if you offer video and photo album (and possibly model) search on the same page.
Pseudo-random sorting was added to the list_albums block.
Global mode letting you display a global list of user playlists was added to the list_playlists block.
The random_video block now supports ratings and video flags.
A set of parameters show_xxx_info was added to the list_content block. These let you select more content-related info.
In the top search queries block, you can now set the period in days to display the top for this period.
User session now features a full set of user details.
Documentation covering KVS settings was updated.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- Testing how the content is served from a server worked incorrectly if a custom streaming parameter was used.
- X-bill: periodical requests from the billing caused errors to show in the log, these are to be ignored.
- When a new server was added to a group with content, checking for content availability did not give error details and did not let you add the server. This was fixed; now, servers are saved but errors are displayed. You can address the errors on the serving test page.
- Email validation algorithm was outdated and is now much simpler.
- Conversion engine got looped when conversion servers were deleted during an active conversion phase.
- Video content protection by referrer could be triggered for your own subdomains.
- Categories in the administration panel were not sorted alphabetically.
- When page prefix was used, some links in separate pagination blocks were incorrect.
KVS v3.1.1
Comments can now be voted for. Also, users can now edit and delete their comments.
In the admin panel, you can now go from the list of comments to the viewing page where the comment was posted.
More extra fields added for users; now there are 10.
X-Bill.ru, an SMS payment processor, is now supported.
In the feedback block, you can now require the email field to be filled in.
Redirecting to a random album was added (/redirect_random_album.php), similar to redirecting to a random video.
Bugs that have been fixed:
- The player used sizes of the preview image by default, unless sizes were in the video's metadata. This could lead to incorrect aspect ratios;
- Third party library for processing ZIP archives was updated. The update features a fix for the bug when the script would run out of memory when processing large files;
- Freezing conversion tasks fixed. If for some reason ffmpeg quits unexpectedly during conversion, the script will finish the task and log an error after 2 attempts;
- Standard embed codes did not work for deactivated videos;
- Member area settings saved on the main site would not be picked up by satellite sites.
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