KVS v2.0.5

08 December, 2010

Now you can specify which video formats are available for download.
Now you can turn off the global antihotlink protection for individual video formats. It may be necessary if you want to give others the opportunity to hotlink your videos.
Export feeds support was added. You can create export feeds which can be used by your partners to periodically request information about your videos. Export feeds provide partners with a convenient opportunity to choose feed format by themselves (KVS or CSV with the ability to specify the list and order of the columns), and also select the appropriate screenshot format (if you have configured multi-format structure of screenshots) and indicate some of the other filters and sorting.
The feature was added in the settings of embed player to specify what video format will be used to generate embed code. Thus, you can create particular formats for displaying them in embed codes from third-party resources.
Now your partners can pass their partner ref through the parameters of embed code and player links will contain their ref if configured. This will allow your partners, for example, to use your embed codes to promote your resource and get their % of revenue, like when using simple referral links to your resource.
Few small corrections and bugs.
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