Buying process

As soon as your payment is completed, our customer support representative will contact you for details of your license.

To help us process your new license faster, please provide us with the following information, either by emailing it to or by submitting a ticket in our support system. After we get these details, a copy of KVS will be sent to you.

  • Domain name for your license.
  • KVS setup location, root folder of your domain, or a folder (specify the folder, e.g. “/tube”).


Our tech support team can install your copy of KVS on your server for free. To do that, we will need more details:

  • FTP connection details (if you use firewall, these IP addresses need to be in white list: and
  • Empty MySQL database connection details.

Your server needs to comply with KVS server requirements.

Installation will be carried out as soon as you provide us with all necessary details. Please note that according to our ToS the installation may take up to 3 business days.
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