KVS for one-of-a-kind sites

We are sure that nothing is impossible when you want to build a truly unique scalable solution. For more than 10 years, we have been helping launch advanced, ambitious sites from scratch, without the owners having to spend months of development and invest a lot of money. KVS made this possible, with its powerful features, unparalleled reliability, extensive customization features, heavy load optimization, detailed stats and features that help you easily build and grow site networks.

A great site starts with an idea.

An idea you can make happen with KVS.

KVS features for one-of-a-kind sites

Extensive customization options
Create new pages and modify the ones you already have without having to pay any developers. The modular pages created by our site builder do not require editing the PHP code. You only need basic HTML and Smarty skills. Stop using old, overexposed templates that drive users away. Use the builder to create a unique-looking site that is capable of attracting more interested visitors who are ready to pay for content and services.
Geared towards video content
While other popular products support video content only partically through separate modules and plugins, KVS is all about videos. The entire system is centered around videos and video-related features.
You can build custom site blocks
Lack certain features? Create custom blocks for your site and add them easily.
Multi-level content categorization
Never get stuck while adding new sections, even with no PHP skills. Categorize your content building data structures of any complexity. If your categorization lacks certain fields, you can easily add them in customization options.
Full monetization features
Monetize your site exactly how you want: free ad-supported content, payments for premium access, paying for access to certain content and more. Each of the approaches works by itself and combined with others, maximizing your site’s earning potential.
Virtually endless scaling capabilities
Multi-server content storage, multi-threaded content processing on multiple servers, multiple languages for both your site and its content — now you have everything to build your site the way you want, setting new goals as it grows.
Non-stop updates and improvements
KVS means 10 years of non-stop development and improvement. Even though the product became popular and stable pretty fast, we never stopped perfecting it. Most our customers own top level sites, this is why we always need to offer up to date features and services to match. KVS is all about cutting edge features that fully satisfy the current needs of site owners all over the world.
Optimized for high loads
Forget what worrying about your site’s performance feels like. The system is ready to handle tons of traffic even on slower servers. Over 10 million daily hits is the daily average for many KVS sites, not a critical threshold after which the site crashes or gets sluggish. Configure site security, manage the performance of individual pages or even page elements, monitor potential bottlenecks and optimize things before they turn into problems.
Use all today’s web development trends
Navigation through lists split into pages, different sorting types, sending forms via AJAX, querying any page block via AJAX and even creating a one-page site with all navigation within the main page: KVS gets more modern and powerful with every update.
All major content types are supported
Build a unique site with various content types combined exactly the way you want. You can build any kind of logical connections between videos, photos, and texts. For example, upload a video and assign related photos to it, whether on a separate page or in a ZIP archive.
Full community features
Make your users spend more time on your site. Let them interact, exchange information, and join communities of like-minded people.Member area bookmarks, subscribing to content, internal messaging, friends, activity feeds, user channels and much more. KVS has everything you need to build a major modern adult site.
Combine limited and privileged access
Manage admin area access rights between your partners and employees, copywriters, translators and more. Control and analyze the activity of everybody involved.
Firsthand English language support from the development team
We never provide customer support using third party operators. All your questions and issues are handled by the developers themselves who obviously know their product inside and out. All issues are solved right away without getting bounced endlessly between support and tech. We understand how absolutely important this is, and customer feedback proves that we are doing it right.
Simply the best admin panel in industry with easy access to management and monitoring. Check it out yourself on our demo site right now!

Customers about KVS

Bravo Media Group / Alex
Bravo Media Group / Alex

We have been using KVS now for some time and we haven't looked back since. Our experience has been nothing but great since day one.

KVS meets all the modern requirements in today's dynamic market. It will suit any business models as new versions are released frequently with new features added all the time.

On top of this, the script is amazingly flexible and lets you reconfigure it as...

Serious Partners
Serious Partners

We have been using this script for a few years now. We’re so happy we’re gradually moving our major sites to it.

KVS offers a great combo of features, content processing and site administration options, and a very easy to use template engine.

Add the highly professional support team and you get one of the leading products on the market today. Our recommendations!

Croc Network
Croc Network

We use KVS on several successful sites with more than 1 million pageviews per day and it has always been a stable and efficient script.

It can handle big sites with ease. Their support staff is fast and exceptionally helpful and it's one of the many reasons why we keep turning back to KVS for our new sites.

I give it my highest recommendation for building your tube site.

Tube Alliance
Tube Alliance

We have been testing this script and using it for a few years now. I believe no script can be a competition to KVS in today’s market.

An impressive balance between ease of use, customization options, and a promising set of powerful features.

RC Support / Royal Cash
RC Support / Royal Cash

We have been using this product to build and run some of our sites. It offers incredible ease of use when managing and configuring a site, the server load is minimal and pages load really fast.

We appreciate all the help Kernel Team offered when we were setting up and customizing Kernel Video Sharing for these sites. We wish them nothing but success in taking their product further.

Idol Bucks
Idol Bucks

I really like Kernel Video Sharing. I am always looking for a new script to help me get my work done faster and naturally easier. I always watch out for trouble when adding a new scrip.

A lot of these things just don’t work and it takes days to fix the errors that they cause. So, I was pleasantly surprised when this script just didn’t show any troubles. Then the ease of use really blew me...

Tay / Tony Bucks
Tay / Tony Bucks

Let me join all the people here and say this script rocks. I can’t even begin listing all the features. It’s a real Rubik’s cube, you just combine the parts in the way you want.

Hardy / adult-html.com
Hardy / adult-html.com

Our team have been slicing templates for KVS for several years already. We love how dynamic this script is, always moving forward.

In our experience, all issues were handled by the support department right away. If you need something which is not there yet, you may be sure it will be pretty soon after you tell them about it.

Having built dozens of KVS-powered sites we are now sure this...

Art Design XXX
Art Design XXX

We have been building and supporting turnkey adult sites for quite a while now. These include CJ sites, tubes, TGPs, paysites, AVS sites, blogs, and more. For most video-based sites, we used Kernel Video Sharing. Currently we believe KVS is the best choice for tube sites. There are just so many ways to customize the templates to meet your needs. We like that you can use basic features for...

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